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Top web design professionals in Orlando

Top web design professionals in Orlando. A web designer is someone who is both creative and technically inclined and uses both these attributes to build or redesign websites. The web designer can understand what is needed to make a website functional and easy to use, but at the same time make it aesthetically appealing to the user.

First impressions are everything and that includes your company’s web & mobile presence. Did you know almost 46% of your visitors will judge the credibility of your organization based on how your website is designed? Web design is important because it impacts how your audience sees your brand.

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Small Business Marketing Strategies

Small Business Marketing Strategies That Will Work For You

Small Business Marketing Strategies That Will Work For You

More than ever, people are staying home and spending more time online- connecting with friends, reading the news, and looking for exciting updates. You have their fullest attention. Now is the time to use it to your advantage. Now is the time to make 2020 the year that your business doubles and even triple its profits. You CAN make this possible. At Faceless Marketing, we know all the small business marketing strategies that WILL work for you.

Get a Professional Company Website

One of the most powerful small business marketing strategies is having a fully functional company website. A business website is a foundational marketing component for every company. Many small businesses start off using Wix or Weebly for their business website. (Here are a few reasons why using a Wix website is bad for your business).

Your business website has a few main functions – it serves as a company storefront and educates potential customers on your products or services. Additionally, it is a destination that users arrive from Google search or social media. Here is how to turn your website into a tool for sales and marketing efforts:

  1. Incorporate SEO into your website. Users are relying on search engines to find businesses like yours. SEO services help your business rank well in the organic listings while a PPC campaign can help attract new business using online ads.
  2. Optimize your website for mobile devices. In 2020, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Many users are going to be accessing websites from mobile devices. A website that is poorly designed for mobile is going to drive away potential customers.
  3. Make sure to test your website’s page speed – Users want information fast. Blame it on a lack of patience. Your company website needs to be able to load in 2 seconds or less. Missing that

A 2-second mark could cost you thousands of dollars in potential customers.

Your company website is a foundation for small business marketing – it connects SEO, email marketing, and PPC together. A well-functioning and well-designed website will convert visitors into core customers.

Have A Blog Or News Roll On Your Site

Blogs are an inexpensive way to boost your sites’ SEO. When blog posts are optimized, you are making your website more visible in google search results. Users who search for keywords related to your business are going to find your website first. Blogs help you to rank in search engines and position your website as relevant to answer customers’ questions. Users are searching for questions like “How to paint your house” or “What is permanent makeup?” and your blog shows up in their search results. Here are a few ways to optimize your website for SEO:

  1. Focus on 1-2 long-tail keywords that match your demographic
  2. Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly
  3. Optimize your blog with images
  4. Connect your website to Google Search Console to track results.

Implement Email Marketing and Email Campaigns

Email Marketing is effective for small business marketing campaigns. Advertising through Google Ads or PCC will attract new customers to your business. However, it is email marketing that will retain a solid customer base. The beauty of email marketing is that it is flexible enough to work for any type of company. Email marketing can be tailored to any customer segment such as sending out welcome newsletters to new customers or thank you newsletters to current customers. This is how to get started on email marketing

  1. Build an email list by purchasing one or though asking customers to subscribe to your newsletters
  2. Manage campaigns with email marketing software. There are many platforms that help streamline the process

Email is an older method of communication, however, it is also one of the most widely used methods today. Almost everyone has an email account, whether for personal or business use. Email Marketing is ideal for maintaining relationships with current customers.

Use Videos in Content for Social Media and Your Website

Video has been a widely used digital marketing strategy for 2019 and 2018. It is also an essential marketing strategy for 2020. In order to dominate your industry, you must be producing video content for your audience. In 2020, platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram already offer “shoppable videos”  that are linked to external websites. Users are already searching for training and education videos on products and services that could relate to your business. Video trends are already expanding as you read this – interactive 360 video technology, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

  1. For small businesses, consistently producing video content is what you need to boost SEO ranking and increase brand visibility and gain credibility.
  2. Video marketing has one of the best ROI’s of any type of content.
  3. Make it entertaining

Optimize Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is still an effective marketing strategy for small businesses. Platforms like Facebook offer detailed user data and insights. You can easily find customers that fit your ideal customer profile and target advertising to this audience. Here are a few tips to harness social media for small business marketing:

  1. Make sure company information is up-to-date and accurate – Do you have your current company information on social media? Any old phone numbers? Old addresses?
  2. Utilize software for social media marketing – there are several platforms that help with social media campaigns – from scheduling to organizing campaigns.
  3. As a company, you MUST be involved in social media at a heavy level. Unfortunately, social media can take a large portion of your company’s time. The time that you might not have. Faceless Marketing offers social media packages for as low as $8.50 a month. Call us for this special rate.

You have heard of all the popular social media sites – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. As a business, you will want to utilize as many of these as possible. They are essential for SEO, brand awareness, and driving sales.

Our New Referral Program

Faceless Marketing is rolling out a new referral program for its clients. We are now offering a $50 bonus for referrals becoming new clients. This offer is good toward social media services from Faceless Marketing. Our social media packages start at less than $8.50 a day. We all know a business that could use a boost in social media management.

Get Small Business Marketing Strategies That Will Work For You

Faceless Marketing has had 25 years of working with hundreds of small businesses – we have seen what works and what does not work. These small business marketing strategies will work for you and your business. In these trying times, your business can thrive instead of just survive.

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Every business has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis – yours is one of them. The time to take action is now. Try our money-back guarantee marketing plan for your business. We will save or generate the amount that you have spent with us or we will refund the difference. If we do not deliver results, you will receive the difference between what you paid and what we have generated. Reach out to Faceless Marketing to get started. Call 1-800-357-1299 or shoot us a Message Here.



Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 End of the Year Sale – 50% Off Websites

GET 50% OFF WEBSITES – Cheapest Website Builder and Hosting

From now until the end of the year, Faceless Marketing is offering 50% OFF websites for Black Friday. Get the cheapest website builder and hosting! This is our annual Black Friday END OF THE YEAR SALE on ALL website projects – from landing pages to full eCommerce sites. This is our END OF THE YEAR sale – so this deal is good for Black Friday through Cyber Monday to Christmas and New Year’s.

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How much Does a Website Cost Part 2: Why Wix, Squarespace and “Weebly Aren’t Actually “Free”

Free website builders such as Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace have become widely used platforms in the past few years. They offer ease of use, free templates, and drag-and-drop customization. Many of these website owners are surprised to find that the “free” websites they have created come with hidden costs.

“Nothing in life is free” according to the old adage about value and money, and it still rings true today. Free website builders lure in small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers by the simple fact that it’s free and easy to use. Despite the fact that these website builders advertise this, there are still hidden costs and fine print that come with creating that “free” website. After creating an account with any free website builder platform, you’ll eventually stumble upon pricing plans and upgrades that you didn’t even know existed. That is, until your website needs something that the free version doesn’t offer.

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Should I Pay For 10 Years’ Worth of Web Hosting?

What Is Hosting?

Web hosting provides the storage space for a website or webpage on a server on the internet. It is a service where organizations and individuals to run a website or web page onto the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Servers are special computers that host and store websites. When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address in their browser. The domain is the website address. Their computer will then connect to your server and your website will be delivered to them through the browser they use. The browser is the window that is used to display the website.  Common browsers include Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Or Internet Explorer.

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The Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

Web design and web development. You may have heard the term “web design” more than “web development”. Yet, what is the difference between the two? What qualifications does one need to be a designer vs a developer? In a nutshell, web design refers to both the aesthetic part of a website and its usability.

Web designers are responsible for creating the layout, colors, images, and typography of the website.  Web developers (also called front end developers!) are responsible for using coding language to make the websites function. They build the backbone of websites and are computer programmers proficient in programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS. Building websites are similar to architects designing buildings. The architect is like the web designer – they lay out the look and basic functionality. The web developer is like the construction company – they create the prototype and uses coding to bring the website to life. However, knowing the basic differences between web design and development can make a difference in understanding how your website functions.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday End of the Year Sale – 50% Off Websites


From now until the end of the year, Faceless Marketing is offering 50% OFF websites for Black Friday. This is our annual Black Friday END OF THE YEAR SALE on ALL website projects – from landing pages to full eCommerce sites. This is our END OF THE YEAR sale – so this deal is good for Black Friday through Cyber Monday to Christmas and New Year’s. Read more

Wix Is for Kids, WordPress Is for Professionals

In the past few years, DIY website builder sites have really taken off. Websites such as Wix, Weebly and Squarespace offer free templates, your own website and easy to use technology. For startups and new businesses, the lure of low-cost, low-risk and easy-to-manage web builder software is irresistible. One of the biggest mistakes that a startup can make is attempting to take the easy route when building their website. In fact, building a company website with a website builder platform such as Wix can prove to be detrimental. At Faceless, we’ve witnessed how these cheap website builders can be a faulty platform, create website issues, cost money, and harm your company image.

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Faceless Technologies web services

What You Should Know About Your Website, Domain, and Hosting

At Faceless Marketing, we’ve built a lot of websites for our clients, including landing pages, e-commerce, sliders, animation and everything in between. One of the biggest challenges of web building isn’t development and design. Rather, it’s explaining the process to our clients in a way that they can comprehend. We realize that not everyone is an expert in web development, web hosting, or domains. However, we want our clients and future clients to have a preliminary understanding of how their website functions. At Faceless, we are more than happy to explain our process. Additionally, we offer private education courses on everything from SEO to web design. Today is your special day: we are giving you this handy guide on domains, web hosting, and websites.

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graphic design

Psychology in Design

What we see and what we feel are two very different things.

The first is an aesthetic experience; the latter is a psychological one. Good graphic design includes both.  Designers need more than a basic understanding of psychology for their work to make a worthwhile impression. Now, you may think that you need to get a degree in psychology to create an impressionable design. The good news is that it’s not necessary to get a doctorate to apply psychology to graphic design. Take this as a handy “crash course” on the role of psychology in design.

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