How does SEO work?
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How does SEO work?

How Does SEO Work?

How does SEO work? Are you a small business that’s looking to hire a Marketing Firm? Well before you do so, take the time to learn about SEO and why it works. Keep reading to find out some good information about steps to an SEO strategy.

Most important SEO rules
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What are the Most important SEO rules in 2021?

What Are The Most Important SEO Rules In 2021?

SEO is very important for your business and brands online presence! The first and most important rule of SEO is to provide value. You use SEO every time you search on the internet. Some of the most important rules of SEO in 2021 include.

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Is SEO Important?

Is SEO Important?

What is SEO? SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization.’ Understanding what this could do with your business can be a hard decision. SEO is the process of improving your businesses online to gain customer traffic. Search engine optimization guarantees visibility when potential customers search your market. All this happens on the search engine results page. This means search engines like Google should expect attention and focus.

How Can You Tell If An Email Is Spam?
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How Can You Tell If An Email Is Spam?

How Can You Tell If An Email Is Spam?

Spam and phishing emails are some of the most common methods of cybercrime. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center received 467,361 complaints in 2019—an average of nearly 1,300 every day. From this criminal method, they recorded over $3.5 billion in losses to individuals and businesses. Though it may seem easy at times to spot them, sometimes it’s just not the case. And, despite how much we think we know about scam and phishing emails, people still fall victim each and every day. You may be questioning, ‘how can you tell if an email is spam?’ Please read on to discover the top ways to identify a fake email, by increasing complexity.

Hoot suite 2021
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Hootsuite Changes 2021

Hootsuite Changes 2021

For all those who use Hootsuite as their go-to posting platform for social media posting, you might want to jump ship. Hootsuite has made some Jurassic changes to its platform. On April 5, Hootsuite changed its free plan. Now going forward, you can manage two social accounts and schedule up to 5 posts with the free plan. Before, you used to be able to post 30 free posts. Why did they switch?

Best Marketing Firm
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Best Marketing Firm In Orlando

Best Marketing Firm In Orlando

Marketing is number one the very first thing to have when your building your business or brand. The perception of your brand will ultimately determine the success of your company. However, your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what your market says it is. Overall, every exchange with your market is an opportunity to shape this perception, make a connection, build trust, and strengthen customer loyalty. For instance, is your brand identity outshining the competition?

Buying a domain
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Buying a domain. What to know when you buy a domain

What to know when you buy a domain

Finding the perfect domain is so important when building your business site. But do you know what to look for when buying your domain? What to watch out for? What you should know when buying your domain name. Continue reading on to get tips about what to know when you buy a domain.

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The Importance Of SEO In Digital Marketing

Understanding The Importance Of SEO In Digital Marketing And What It Can Do For Your Business

How many times a day do you find yourself searching something on Google? Though the infamous search engine doesn’t share its search volume, one can guess it’s a lot. In fact, Internet Live Stats estimates nearly 90,000 searches occur per second. As shocking as that seems now, the volume of search inquiries grow by 10% every year.

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What Are Digital Marketing Strategies For 2021?

What Are Digital Marketing Strategies?

Today’s world is getting digital and more fast-paced than ever and you’re customers are spending more and more time online.  Digital Marketing is of the best ways to grow your business, no matter what industry or company size. If you’re a business, it’s probably safe to assume that you are already implementing a digital marketing strategy, even if it a small campaign. In this ever-changing digital landscape, things can quickly become overwhelming. If your goal is to grow your business, you may be wondering “what are digital marketing strategies for 2021”? Our digital marketing experts will tell you.

Platform to use for Instagram management.
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Platform to use for Instagram management.

Platform to use for Instagram management.

Instagram is one of the biggest most used social media platforms there is today. Used even more now that we are all going through the covid-19 pandemic together. There is nothing better than posting a cute picture of your kid covered in mud. Or maybe you use Instagram in a more business professional way. But for those that use Instagram for business, you need to understand the types of Instagram platforms you can schedule your posts from.