Yext: A Businesses’ Worst Enemy

Have you ever done a quick search for your business online with different keywords and realized that your business information is not visible in most results? Or even worse, the incorrect information was listed?

You may have even filled out business citations– which is a mention of your business name, address and phone number (“NAP” acronym as we call it in marketing). Displaying your full and correct businesses information on the web is beneficial for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. It improves your visibility and ranking as well as providing accurate information to web users looking for your businesses goods and/or services. If you have already taken control of your businesses visibility and SEO or managed it via a full service marketing firm, you may have run into Yext. They are a digital service that ‘helps” businesses get listed on the internet such as Yelp, Superpages etc. At Faceless Marketing, we’ve had clients and have heard horror stories of businesses getting scammed by Yext. Learn why you need to protect your business from them and what you can do to help any damage done.

Tricking You With Automation

Marketing automation is becoming commonplace in the world of marketing, with companies such as Hubspot and Yext as well. Marketing Automation software appears to make business management easier but what are the drawbacks? Yext is a company that tricks its customers into automation that they did not know about it.

You’re Wasting Your Money With Yext

The service that you are getting with Yext, you are paying a lot out of pocket.  For business listings, citations and SEO, you are paying between $500-$1000 yearly. Small to medium-sized businesses, those fees add up.

What happens if you cancel Yext’s services? Cancellation policy states, all of your businesses listings are rolled-back to their original state. That means that the moment you stop paying for Yext, they wipe all of your business listings and business citations from the internet. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Your Business Will Be Overcharged


Watch Out for Marketing Firms that Utilize Yext

At Faceless Marketing, we have run into marketing firms that “piggyback” off of Yext. How do they do that? Marketing firms offer Yext’s services to their clients, and then tack on their own fee. These marketing firms aren’t doing any of the work- Yext is. These marketing firms know that businesses who aren’t familiar with Yext will not know the difference. Unfortunately, there are many marketing firms out there who do take advantage of unaware business owners and profit off of them.

Don’t allow your business to become hostage to Yext. When it comes to your businesses, there are better solutions for SEO, visibility, business citations and ranking.

At Faceless Marketing Firm, our mission is to provide quality marketing and SEO services to businesses, big and small. We won’t allow companies like Yext to mislead businesses and “milk” them out of their marketing budget.  We marketing firm that you can depend on to give you the best results and greatest return on investment (ROI).  Reach out to Faceless Marketing for some consultation. Get a FREE quote on any of our services from printing to web design and SEO. Call 1-800-357-1299 or Shoot us a Message Here.