Artificial Intelligence and Your Business?

CEO’s are all prepping and researching. All working hard to make sure they stay in front of the next evolution of technologies for business and their industry. They are all going to be asking very soon:

What’s our A.I. strategy?

Artificial Intelligence could be one of the most technological advances in this century. It could transform every brand and industry with how business is conducted and experienced.  A.I. become a major buzzword. However, this technology doesn’t necessarily need to mean quite what you think it does right now. What if A.I meant methods of automation were to be available for your business. With the initial programming concepts for market ready A.I., there would have to be a finite amount of processes or options, so a quantifiable decision could be made without question. Like inputting all the tables and amounts of seating in a restaurant and Artificial Intelligence could properly manage an equal spread of seating in the different sections that would run smoothly. Improving the customer experience on a variety of points through automation can improve businesses revenue. But is your business ready for this shift forward?

As we progress, many things will be automated. In our industry, everything from graphic design to delivering ads through automation could be set up to run on algorithms. Algorithms that can figure out what they think is the exact target market for your brand, what optimal time they need to see a drive to action, and what the message needs to be to have a high success rate of completion…whew. That’s a mouthful…and not always the case.

Are you already getting frustrated with technology?

With the automated systems that were created to save time, supply an ease of use and utilize less human hours, only have us repeating the word ‘representative’ over and over until someone picks up the line. (HA) We are currently being hit with new creative ways from advertising and marketing firms to put other brand messages in front of us constantly. What if the only new thing and concept that would start to get peoples attention is a personal touch? Sound interesting?

What we do with our firm is prepare for the A.I. evolution while understanding the right elements to use automation for and listening to the target market for our clients to deliver to them the most important personal touches that will drive sales and brand loyalty. Each day that passes, consumers are showing they want and NEED a personal touch on certain aspects of their purchasing decisions. Let’s not lose the human side of customer service. No matter the programming done, you cannot teach empathy to a computer or why they should care about being flexible with their customer service.

A.I. is not a NEW thing!

Artificial Intelligence is not a new technology. It has actually been around since the 1950’s. A.I. is being used now by most of you every single day. There are so many instances of this fact of life. Amazon is using it to help decide what you might want to purchase, while personal A.I. assistants are doing more and more from Siri, Cortana, Bixby and Google Home. Spotify even uses A.I. to make the playlists for you that will keep you tuned in to the “best” music out there.

We all have the responsibility to make sure that any automation that occurs. However, this doesn’t mean we are losing the human side of customer service or client communication. You don’t have to ‘Like’, purchase, or support anything that doesn’t feel Authentic to you.

Find out more today by speaking with one of our experts. What aspects of Artificial Intelligence can be beneficial to your brand and business? What little personal details can set you apart from the rest to make sure you increase your revenue over your competition? Curious? Call today and get a free consultation and business audit.

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