Google Ad Grants for Non-Profit Organizations in 2021

What are Google Ad Grants? Well, if you have a non-profit organization, Google Ad Grants are a massive trick up your sleeve. Use them to reach supporters and spread your message even further. You can use them to help rank higher on Google and more. If approved, the Google Ad Grant could offer non-profit organizations up to $10,000.00 per month in credits that can be used to advertise on Google and appear in Google searches. This allows you to place your ads into spots that rank highly. Basically, Google will pay for the clicks you receive to your ad and won’t cost you a penny.

How Can You Tell if You’re Eligible for Google Ad Grants?

First, you must be a non-profit with a registered and active 501(C)(3) in the United States or a similar status in on of the countries that are available so far. Some philanthropic wings of educational institutions may be allowed but primarily you must be a hospital, school, or government entity. Also, you must have a well-made and high-quality website. The rest of the requirements are basic like having an SSL certificate on your site, which most do, and you must agree to the terms of service and conditions.

If you are a church or a religious entity, you may also qualify if you have applied and received 501(C)(3) status. Since most houses of worship are tax exempt already, most have not filed for the 501(C)(3) and this is something that you must do before you’re eligible to receive the grant.

Why You Should Apply for Google Ad Grants

Well, first, it’s free money. Who doesn’t want free money, right? Using the ad grants also gain you more engagements. Using the grant pushes your news or content to the top of the Google search engine and you’re found more easily. This will also allow you to reach new supporters for your cause and be more visible online.

How to use the Google Ad Grant

It’s easy to fixate on the fact that you’ll have $10,000.00 a month for advertising. It’s very easy to push out mediocre content to use up the full amount of ad credit each month. However, spending less may be a better option. The most important part is to pay attention to the content being pushed out and track your conversion rates to see what is working the best. When someone clicks on your ad and lands on your website are they filling out contact information? Are they applying to be a volunteer? Are they donating to your cause? These are the types of measurements you want to know and improve, in most cases, depending on the type of non-profit you run.

Let’s Get Started with the Grant

Okay, so you have the grant. How can you use it efficiently? While most non-profit organizations do not use the full $10,000.00 each month, ad credits do not roll over. So, you want to make sure that you’re utilizing them in a concise manner.

  1. It’s best to run 3-5 ad campaigns. Choose campaigns based on what you want to promote. Like one campaign for your blog and one for your donations page etc.
  2. Inside each campaign, you have ad groups. You want your ad groups to be focused. These should be specific ad groups that detail what your ad is about. For example, if you’re promoting your soup kitchen you may use key words like “volunteer 2021” or “soup kitchen volunteer” or whatever it is that you hope to gain from the ad.
  3. Experiment with a variety of words and phrases to find the best ones for your specific campaigns.

Google Ad Grant Compliance

Google has some rules for you to follow that will ensure your account doesn’t become suspended. If you fail to comply with these rules, you may end up suspended and thus unable to advertise your non-profit. To get you started, we have found the list of rules you must follow to stay compliant. Click here to view the Google compliance rules and keep an eye on them in case they change in the future.

Can I run paid ads at the same time?

Yes! Although $10,000.00 sounds like a lot, there are companies that require more than that each month. So, it comes as good news to know that you can run paid ads alongside of your Google Ad Grant ads. The Google Ad Grant only allows you to post ads within Google. Using paid ads, you can also catch people who may be looking at other websites by using banner ads on websites or by posting ads on YouTube. Your Google Ad Grant ads will show up below paid ads on Google. If you’re using highly rated key words, you may be beat out by someone who is paying for those words versus using Google Ad Grants, but, in turn, you can use paid ads to target the same keywords. Learn more about paid Google ads and social media ads here.

Don’t be Worried

This may seem like a lot of information. Just remember that a ton of non-profit organizations have already done this. If they can do it, you can do it. The Google Ad Grants have the possibility to really ramp up your online presence and exponentially increase your ad budget each month. Hopefully, this will serve as a great jumping off point for you and your companies’ journey through the Google Ad Grant system.

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