Are Your Social Media Pages Optimized?

When the average internet user thinks of social media, it usually conjures thoughts of liking and sharing posts, funny/relatable/cool viral campaigns, and a network of friends and followers. What if I told you that there is a whole OTHER world to social media? Are you a startup or thinking about starting a business? There is a good chance you have already created social media profiles for your business. Did you realize that when your social media game is full optimized, it has the POWER to bring your business and brand to a whole new level of online presence? Social media optimization is simply using social media as a catalyst to grow your business online. Many new businesses and startups make the mistake of simply creating profiles and posting a few times. Think of social media as the new “storefront” or “front door” for your business.

Do Your Profiles Look Incomplete?

Creating a profile seems easy on the surface, but this is where many businesses are lacking. When you look at your company profile, how does it look overall? Is it weak? Incomplete? Do you have enough company information on your social media profile? Make sure everything is filled out- username, bio, about, contact, profile photo. For SEO purposes, make sure that you provide link(s) to your website(s) as this will drive more traffic. Use your relevant keywords in the bio to give your page more visibility. Don’t be that company that looks as if they put in the bare minimum into their social media presence. Not only does this look bad for your company image but it won’t give you the traffic you are looking for.

Engaging and Effective Graphics

Take a look at an online profile with a great social media presence, do you see any lackluster, pixelated, mediocre, or just plain crappy visuals? Of course not. Any successful brand or company knows that first impressions matter- and this translated to your online presence as well as your offline presence. Grab attention with bold, vivid, high-resolution images. Your profile picture should be easily to see, even at thumbnail size. Ideally, your profile picture should be your company logo. If you are a freelancer, consultant, mentor or individual, a headshot works as well. Have you chosen a cover photo that completes the profile and brings it together?

Consistency is Key

Consistency is the best way to make sure your social media optimized. Make sure that company description, information, contact info and images are consistent across all social media channels. Don’t forget to use your business keywords for SEO purposes. Bear in mind that the first 140 characters will appear in search engine results. Consistent descriptions will drive visitors to click on your profiles.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

On the surface, your company social media presence looks good. With a strong social media optimization strategy, you can use your profiles to: generate leads, strengthen your brand, increase online visibility, connect with your audience, and share key news and updates about your company. Did you know that 50% of businesses are failing to include social media optimization in their online marketing plan? How about being in the 50% that chooses to fully-optimize their social media pages?

Do You Need A Business Audit?

Sometimes, it helps to have another pair (or several pairs!) of eyes looking at your work. Everyone gets tunnel vision from time to time, and you never know what you might have missed. If you are serious about making sure that your social media pages are fully optimized, it would help to get a business audit done. If you are going to hand over the keys to your virtual “storefront” why not hand it over to someone who knows how to take the “reins” and steer your business in the best direction?

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