Direct Mail and EDDM Isn’t Dead….And How It Can Create Results

The infamous “snail mail” has gotten a reputation in the digital age as being an ineffective and outdated method of marketing. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Direct mail; also known as Every Door Direct Mail(EDDM) is still very much alive. EDDM didn’t die in the digital and mobile landscape. Rather, it just evolved with the times. At Faceless Marketing, EDDM/direct mail is one of our top print products. When implemented correctly, EDDM still has the potential to target the right customers, ensure maximum ROI and produce results.

Inboxes Versus Mailboxes

It’s no surprise that in the digital and mobile landscape, email inboxes have become clogged with emails. Every day, consumers get hundreds of emails. For them, it is an endless stream of offers, updates, news, products etc. The over-saturation of email marketing has created more emails than consumers would ever be able to keep up with.  In 2018, a bold, simple, well-designed direct mail / EDDM piece is going to stand out among the “clutter” from the digital landscape.

Consumer Response

According to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), EDDM response rates were at the highest they had ever been. It’s even higher than other forms of media. In 2017, the household response rate for direct mail/EDDM was 5.1% (compared to 0.6% for email, 0.6% for paid search, 0.2% for online display and 0.4% for social media). The median ROI (Return on Investment) for EDDM was 29% (compared to 124% for email, 23% paid search, 16% online display, and 30% for social media). Since direct mail has become a less cluttered landscape than digital, you will have an easier time standing out. Some of the biggest brands in the world still use the direct mail/EDDM channel and have had great results.

Little Competition

There is a chance that your competition isn’t using direct mail / EDDM in their advertising campaigns- depending on the industry of course. Many new brands out there are targeting to millennials. As a result, direct mail and EDDM advertising have been left for non-millennial brands or older markets. Your brand can rise above the “clutter’ simply because your competition is fighting for attention on the digital landscape. Despite the initial costs associated with print, it’s worth it to be able to stand out in your competition.

How Can Direct Mail/EDDM Work For My Business?

There are several methods that can be used to ensure that your direct mail / EDDM campaign produces the results that you want and win the ROI game. Shared or cooperative mailing is one way. This is when advertisers share the cost of the postage and spend only one-third of the cost of regular postage. Being part of a cooperative mailing group has other advantages as well. For example, there are cooperative welcome programs that mail to new movers just once. Imagine being the only pizzeria or roofer in mailboxes in a ZIP code. The key to success with any campaign and specifically a direct mail / EDDM campaign is going to be tracking data and analytics. This could include factors number of households, response rates, etc. Once you tie in social media with EDDM, there is a cross-pollination that enhances the strength of the campaign.

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