Google’s Update on Local Pack Search: Will This Hurt Your Local Business?

Google has recently come out with an update on Google’s local pack search.  This is the Google Maps view on your devices. If you are not aware of the update, it will hurt your local business. There are many business owners who are not aware of this update, and it’s beneficial to you to learn about the update before your competition does. As a business, you can take this opportunity to get ahead of the SEO curve!

What Is A Local Pack?

The “local pack” is the section of Google’s search results that shows the local business related to your Google search. Whatever you are searching for locally, Google will show you three local businesses that would best serve you.

Google’s local pack was 7, and now is been updated down to 3. Is this a new update? You might be asking yourself, not at all! This update has been running for a while now, and you need to learn what it is, and what you need to learn to use it for your own advantage. You have probably seen this section when using google search, and the local pack can bring many advantages to your business. Now if you do decide to ignore this Google update, don’t expect to gain traffic to your business.

Here is an example of how it used to show you 7 places, and now it has come down to 3.

Local pack

Google claims that the last four results weren’t really showing up, it wasn’t bringing enough traffic, and it was too large to fit into one page of mobile devices. The local pack appearance was also altered, rather than showing phone numbers, now is only showing addresses and business hours.

Business and SEO (search engine optimization) experts have placed a lot of value on getting into the 7 local pack listings because it brought more traffic and better SEO outcomes. Now with the 3-local pack listing it is going to be more challenging and competitive to be “seen” on the top results. Don’t panic! You can certainly make it into googles local pack listing if you adjust your local SEO strategy and manage other tasks in order to make it.

How To Get Your Business Into The 3-Local Pack Listing?

  • Make sure you have a consistent Name, Address and a Phone Number. If you have the right format across many different sources and platforms, your business will rank higher on Google. Also becoming more active on local business listings sites is important. This includes one-off sites like community bulletin boards, churches and the website for your local chamber of commerce. The more you are visible on these listings; the more Google will trust your business and you can appear on that 3 local pack list.
  • Claim your business on Google and fill out the business google page properly. Add a clear description, quality images, local phone number, and choose the correct categories and include links.
  • Earn positive google + reviews; specially since the business card includes now the good and bad reviews.
  • Besides focusing on driving search traffic to your website, you can earn more traffic and visibility by building a solid business presence on leading local directories in your industry.
  • Continue to build a strong social media presence; establish yourself as a local business with loyal followers, that will bring more traffic and growth.

Your Business Will Reap The Benefits If You Are Ranked In Google’s Trinity

As a small or big business, you want to come up in local searches as often possible- which is why it’s important for you to acknowledge Google’s local pack listing. According to ThinkwithGoogle 50% of consumers who make a local search on their phones will visit that place the same day. 18% of those searches lead to the consumer making a purchase within a day or the next one.

Local search and mobility are two aspects of SEO work that take cue from Google’s strategy. Creating steps, taking them to get on those local listings and keeping an eye on all the updates that are happening is a must for your business growth. You will grow if you keep doing everything you can to gain that attention from mobile users and taking part of your local community.

Now that you have gotten more information on what Googles local pack listing is your aim should be how to get your business into the trinity listing. Don’t forget you are alone in this. Faceless Marketing is here help you to improve the visibility of your website or web page in search engines. Take the plunge & make it happen, reach out to Faceless Marketing for some consultation. Get a FREE quote on your next consulting service. Call 1-800-357-1299 or Shoot us a Message Here.

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