The Basics And Benefits Of Using SEO 2021

SEO is something that we hear about a lot, but we are not really sure what it is and how much it does for us. Almost any question that we can ask can be put into a search engine and we will get an answer right away.

Well, what does SEO stand for? SEO is short for Search engine optimization. The big takeaway from the name is a search engine. The thing that makes search engines so special is how we use them to extract information.

How Search Engines Work

Let’s go into the basics of how search engines work. It can start with something small like “what is the name of the actor that plays in that show”, to where you can find a specific pair of shoes. When people think of a search engine the one that comes to mind is Google but there are more out there that you probably use daily. Another popular search engine that might come to mind is Bing. A search engine is an internet software program that helps internet users find the information they are looking for. You are able to type in exactly or at least close to what you’re looking for in the search bar and find it. So, that mean site like YouTube and Amazon are you starting to see it now.

SEO Keyboard

How To Use a Search Engine 

Ok, so you know what a search engine is but what does that have to do with SEO. Have you ever wondered how a search engine knows what results to show when you ask a question? This is where SEO really starts to shine through. Whatever question you asked to whatever search engine, over on that site they have been planning and waiting for you to show up. How do the websites know you are going to show on their page? No matter what question you ask, the search engine will have the results ready for you. The question is, how do the search engines know what keywords you are using? 

Search Engines Collect Information on Websites 

These are the 3 steps on how a search engine is able to locate a website. The first is whenever the website is created, the search engine sends out bots called crawlers. They also can go by spiders, but we are going to stick to crawlers for now. They go over every detail of your page and scan every word on every page you have. Once the crawlers have the information from your website. That information is then transported back to the search engine. Now that the crawler has made it back to the search engine. Once you have all of this set up you are now able to be found online.

some-altHow Search Crawlers Collect Information on Your Website

Now that you know that you can be found online and you can get your website to pop up in the search engine, this means you have been put into the index. This is the part of the search engine that is called indexing. All this means is that the bot that was sent out has made it back to the search engines and the search engine is confirming that your website is real. Now that your website is verified as “real” by bots will your site get flooded by traffic coming to your website and lead to a successful online business? Well not quite yet. However, you now have a presence online and your business can be found. The next question is, how easy is it to find your website or any information about your business? This is where the third part of this plays an important role.

SEO Rank on Google

Ranking and retrieving is the next step in the SEO process. What this does is look at what the search engine is looking for and seeing everyone that has that on their website who is the most relevant. It’s a lot to process. I mean all the websites that have similar things they are trying to sell or do depending on if you are a service or a product-based business or even a public figure. There are many websites that have similar businesses that are selling the same things. Only a few of them can be at the top of the search results page. 

So, the question is, how do you get your website as a top result on the first page? Well, the search engine has a search algorithm that it puts you through when it sends the crawlers to your page and does its indexing. Based on the information that you have on your website, that is how your rank is determined to where and what Google results in the page number you are going to show up on. This part will be determined how much traffic you will get to your website. Once your site is made you do have the option to make changes to your website and send the crawler back to better your rank.


Website Crawlers 

We will briefly go over the steps again. The first step is when you create your website and the search engine sends out the bots or crawlers. Which are sent to your site to crawl over each one of the pages on your website and then report back to the search engine. From there, there will be an index where the search engine of your website is up and ready to go. Depending on the information you have on your site, you will receive a ranking for your relevance to what is being searched for within that search engine

How To Improve Your Rank 

Something that can help you get a better rank is using keywords to help you stand out. Make more content to go on your website. Content can extend from writing blogs. You can go and have some commercials done to be eye-catching once they get to your site and to draw in traffic. Another tip is if you have any pictures on your website make sure to properly label them. If you can do this you want only to pop up in the search result when being looked for, you will also popup in the images search. By seeing an image of your work could high your chances of being click on. If you do this, you will increase your chances of showing up in image search as well as Google search. This will also improve your chances of traffic coming to your site.  

Get On The First Page of Google Search Results 

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