Business Cards

The reasons behind this are always a question in marketing and therefore have many opinions and thoughts about this topic. But what is known is that about 80% of all the business cards that are passed out are thrown away within the first week. With that knowledge, one great question to ask would be: How do I increase the odds that I will end up being a consistent part of that 20%?

“You only get one first impression…” In the world of business, there are similar brands, products, and services to yours. What if there is an opportunity for new revenue by having your product, business or service in front of a new customer or a way to build a wholesale business with a new potential broker/vendor? What if your closest competitor creates a better first impression than you do? Who do you think will get the business?

I’m sure you understand already that having a great priced and valued product/service offered with great customer service and a focus on the customer experience is what will be a huge part of all successful businesses. What many don’t think about all the time is how important it is to have a strong relationship with your vendors, brokers and all professional relationships. Whether it is with the end-user or the businesses you are getting your brand in front of for the first time, it is certain that this will be a critical point on the progressive future opinions of your brand.

Business Cards and Branding

It could be clean packaging or a well-designed marketing piece or even a completely impressive and memorable business card. We have had clients that have confirmed that by having spent a much higher budget on their business cards, they have increased their branding and bottom-line revenue. They have mentioned the comments and opinions they have heard after the deal was closed, and let us know they will never underestimate this important tool again.

First Impressions Are Everything (Really)

The first impression is the basis of so many stories and fabled concepts. It has been told for centuries. In the environment of today’s world, being in front of what the leaders in your industry are doing will give you an edge. An edge that everyone needs. Whether it is to make sure you stay on top of the market/industry leader list or become the leader, every little edge you use to give you just the slightest advantage can get you there. We know this and believe it as we bring this in to our own brand and company culture. Come and check us out. In any manner you wish. Online or in person or on the phone.

We will be doing our best to make sure we are part of that 20%.

What does that number equate to? Well to give you a quick idea, there are 27 Million business cards printed every single day. We try to increase how many of those we are printing, constantly. Because those first impressions relate to 10 Billion (yes, with a B) cards a year. With close to 8 Billion being thrown away within the first week, I bet the cards that are kept are all success stories.

After this little spark of thought we might have started within your reading here, do you still believe your business card might have just been thrown away? What have you done to make sure the odds fall in to your favor?

Face The Year With Confidence

This new year is just beginning and giving you a great opportunity to start it off stronger than you ever have before. To assist you with that, for all businesses who would like to discuss ideas or options on creating your edge, Faceless Marketing would like to offer you a discount of $25.00 on your first order of custom cards. Contact us and let us know what your first introduction to our brand was, and how your first impression was to get this discount.  This is for current, past and new clients. We want to show you that it is never too late to create another first impression. Let’s make it a first impression for a new year. How will you propel forward by the end of it?

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