All About Marketing in 2020

Marketing can shift at a drop of a dime. A lot of Strategies that have grown popular in the past are being pushed aside to make room for new innovations. It’s important to understand how influencer marketing, SEO, and artificial intelligence is governing online marketing demands. Furthermore, it’s imperative that you are constantly educating and preparing your business for these future shifts of marketing in 2020.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing in 2020

More than often it is said that the “funnel is dead”. Consumers have inconsistent buying patterns. Regardless of the product or service you’re marketing it’ll always be the same, in order to grow your business, you should always focus on increasing brand awareness then lead generation which increases customer leads and prospects.

Digital’s role in creating a unified customer experience is also high in response. However, it’s shocking that Digital marketing is not seen as a driver to boost existing customer revenue. It is an artifact of the issue as digital marketing is effective in achieving all these goals, including the retention of customers.

A more practical way to prepare and incorporate online marketing into marketing activities is through consumer experience. Understand interactions from a customer point of view. I also recommend that you review your use of online AND offline media throughout the lifecycle of your customers.

marketing in 2020

Moving Past the Marketing Funnel

Now is the time to set the game straight for all of you still using the “Funnel” marketing tactic. The funnel approach to sales is outdated and more than anything the reason why your sales are hurting. Flywheel marketing, on the other hand, takes on an innovative assessment of the buyer’s journey and utilizes all customer-facing roles to add a personal touch in this digital era. Those services ranging from customer service, marketing, and sales to interact with customers at every stage, even past the buying point. The traditional funnel looks to attract new customers and get them in services that make them quantifiable leads. The new flywheel technique continues to attract, engage, and entertain consumers way past the buying stage. Better said, the company continues to interact with customers instead of them just being one time prospects.

marketing in 2020

Extremely Targeted Advertising

Today’s technologies allow marketers to target people more and more personalized. From knowledge of your search keywords to personal data stored on social media, the amount of data available on the web about us is growing and increasing.

Targeted advertising is fresh. Back in the day, it was referred to as Direct Selling. It was based on mail sent to specific groups, categorized in terms of age, occupation, etc.

The difference is that today organizations such as Google and Facebook can gather more and better information, thereby creating content that links further. Reports from companies like Salesforce and Hubspot show Facebook’s highly targeted ads are more effective.

Technological advances are what follows. A web page that varies according to who the customer is. Furthermore, offers highly personalized content based on their needs will be possible soon.


Marketing in 2020

The substance in marketing remains the castle’s king and will remain to be. Quality and diverse material will be consumer’s favorites over quantity. Producing more video and interactive material will help expand your marketing strategy in 2020 and change the way you attract customers. Having said that, don’t forget about blogging or longer written material forms as they drive exposure and strong SEO. Great Material is the fuel that rolls your marketing strategy. Overused, polluted, or material posted for sharing, will have a negative impact on interaction. Take the time to diversify the approach of your content. If you don’t have anything to write every day, it’s all right. In conclusion, a content strategy is aimed at attracting and engaging the audience, not frustrating them with room fillers sub-par.

Marketing is changing at warp speed. so, to remain competitive and attract high-quality customers, it is important to adapt and evolve with new marketing trends. Setting a goal to learn and integrate new technologies can help to differentiate the business from the rest of the herd.

marketing in 2020marketing in 2020

Shopping on Social Media

This marketing trend is already taking the world by storm. So effortlessly you can go from scrolling to filling in your credit card information on Instagram and making a purchase by clicking the button. Shoppable posts have shortened the sales funnel by removing awareness steps all the way to the time of purchase. Using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, e-commerce sites take advantage of this trend to take you from prospective buyers to customers with a simple click of a button. Furthermore, for the past few years, Shoppable posts have gained traction and we expect them to be the standard of marketing in 2020.


Increased Use of Artificial Intelligence

Everywhere, including marketing, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) reaches. So, to drive Qualified Leads in Marketing (MQLs), Qualified Leads in Sales (SQL), tools and data are used to optimize marketing and price campaigns.

Added to this, by using analytics and machine learning, calculating marketing contributions to revenue growth is becoming more effective.

In 2018, 84 percent of marketing companies adopted or extended AI, according to a report in Forbes. The findings are remarkable, with 3 out of 4 companies adopting AI and Machine Learning. That’s more than 10% higher overall revenue. The main area where AI helps to improve customer experience and support, according to the same study.

The “Analytics Comes of Age” study by McKinsey, released in January 2018, confirms these conclusions. It shows that sales and marketing functions are areas where data and analytics have fundamentally or significantly changed businesses.

With such impressive stats, there is no question that AI and big data are two of the major strengths that will shape future marketing in 2020.

marketing in 2020

Personal Human Touch

Regardless of the growing increase in artificial intelligence in the digital space, customers still want to feel connected to a product. When automation remains to grow, connecting with your customers is essential. Writing a single email and blasting it to all your contacts will not make the cut in. on the other hand, customized newsletter groupings push based on the history of the customer and data will outperform mass blasts. Categorize the email lists and research customer habits to tailor every move. The key is to make people feel they matter as folks.


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