Five Misconceptions About Social Media Management In 2021

When millennials think of Social Media Management, they think about hanging out on social media all day chatting with friends. Though it may seem easy to gain a large following and have an impact on social media, there’s more to social media management in 2021 that you must take into consideration.

The truth is, handling a client’s social media account, or even accounts of several clients can be harder than you imagine. Being a social media manager for a business requires a lot of “free” time or paid hours toward a freelancer or firm. It involves an inside knowledge of your client’s audience, demographic, tone, preferred or recommended social media platforms, the message you are conveying, and the brands ultimate goals from these efforts. So, with that said let’s look at the top five misconceptions about social media management in 2021.

It’s a Low-Pressure Job

Being a social media manager means you are responsible for professionally representing a brand online to its audiences. A wrong post or misinterpreted content can destroy the client’s reputation within minutes of its posting. It can even cost the company valuable connections or resources. That is why it’s important we completely understand the client’s tone of voice and comprehend the rules and regulations of the given platform. If your online presence for the brand is not in line with the overall message or guidelines, the reputation of the client could be at risk.

As a social media manager, you have no time to relax on the job. Yes, it is an overly demanding job. I repeat it is an overly demanding job. Clients expect to see forward progress and results which means you need to put work in and constantly be learning. Some of the methods that social media managers take to achieve results may not be the same routine clients would take. So, it requires a lot of patience with the client to achieve a given goal. Also, there may be items that the client wants to be completed that need special attention. And the client expects you to have it done asap. Most times, until the company can trust you are providing above-average material, content, and results brands will closely monitor every aspect of work you provide. Not to easy to work with the entire world looking over your shoulder.

You Can Say What You Want

This is an utter NO! For instance, we provide social media management to attorney brands and science-based brands. Those brands can’t afford to have individuals step out of bounds. In some respects that could lead to a controversial backlash. Which affects the brand negatively on so many parts. We cannot state clearly enough how necessary it is to respect rules and aspects for certain brands conducting services through social media. As we move further and further into the digital world and rely more on the internet to conduct business practices “going rogue” is not an option.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management In 2020 Takes A Few Hours a Week

This statement couldn’t be more incorrect. The more companies become digital, whether it’s partially or even fully, it’s crucial to increase online communication presence. Now, if you have the right expert on your side then it may take a few hours, given they know what they are doing. Businesses need a professional social media management expert to help expand a business, raise brand awareness, and execute campaigns that work. And that, in turn, requires a lot more than part-time hours. Even someone working as a full-time social media manager in 2020 will find themselves working well past 40 hours a week.

Social media management is a lucrative career ranging anywhere from $25,000 to upwards of $70,000 annual income. And same time it’s no walk in the park. Check out these general responsibilities.

  • You work closely with the marketing team to develop social media campaigns that’ll help achieve business marketing goals.
  • In most cases, develop monthly reports on merging social media trends that will be submitted to the executive team.
  • Monitor the company’s social media accounts and offer constructive interaction to its customers.
  • Create methods for finding and saving online customer reviews and feedback.
  • Analyze the long-term needs of the company’s social media strategy. Offer quarterly reports to the management and executive teams that outline any necessary changes to the digital marketing plan.
  • You may have noticed that reporting, strategizing, monitoring changes on the account and overseeing customer feedback are key elements to social media management in 2021. While also coming up with a viable long-term social media execution plan that is approved by the client.

For the right individual with the right skill set, this would be an exciting career.

Anyone Can Be a Social Media Manager

Most people spending 12 hours of their day on their personal social media accounts could handle being a social media manager, right? If true, surely any of the 86% of the population could manage a corporate social media account with ease? If you believe that then you must have skipped my last bullet on the intricacies in what it takes to be an expert on social media management in 2021. This service requires the right person with the right set of skills.

A social media manager in most cases needs to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, digital marketing, or related certifications. A social media management expert needs to understand what each of the platforms and blogging sites is. And to top it all must also hold these 5 essential skills:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Computer and Internet Skills
  3. Attentiveness and Organizational Skills
  4. Writing and Grammar Skills
  5. Statistics Skills

Now, do you see why you can’t have a 14-year-old or just anyone running a corporate business social media account? Just because the individual spends all day on social media does not qualify them for social media management in 2021.

Bad Comments Can Be Swept Under The Rug

Any well-trained social media manager knows bad comments pop up from time to time, and that they should not just be removed and forgotten, or “swept under the rug” like my mother would have said. Negative comments and complaints are never good for the business when ignored. They need to be properly addressed according to the business standards of that business. Keep in mind that guidelines will be different from business to business. At the start of any professional relationship between a social media manager and a business, an emergency bad Public Relations plan should be discussed if anything wrong were to occur. Social media management should gather approved content and material to post that is geared to the client’s audience base to give you time to investigate the comments and concerns. Never Ignore Bad Comments.


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