Best Marketing Trends for 2022

Help your business not just survive but thrive. Discover a couple of brand marketing trends and find out more about how your brand can incorporate the latest trends and innovations into your marketing strategy for 2022.

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Keep up with all of the newest marketing trends coming up this year! Faceless Marketing can help you reach your dream business goals. We can help you stay up to date on everything new going on in the marketing industry. This guide helps you learn what trends are gaining popularity. Are you in caught up in what is new? You might need to spice up your marketing strategies this year.

Apply inbound marketing strategies

Inbound marketing is all about meeting consumers where they are. Instead of marketing efforts that push messaging out to consumers, this focuses on attracting them toward you. Behind short-form video, inbound marketing is the top trend marketers will invest in next year. In fact, over 80% of marketers plan to keep the same budget or add more for this strategy.

Audio content

Data suggests that video is the leader when it comes to content marketing. However, audio is slowly creeping up into the mix. According to the survey, only 19.1% of B2C marketers use podcasts or other audio content in their marketing. Of those who do use it, 37.4% find it to be one of their most effective trends. Even though adoption was seemingly low in 2021, the data suggests that more B2C marketers will add audio content to their marketing efforts in the new year.


If you want to stand out in 2022, you need to personalize your marketing, which means personalizing content, products, emails, etc. When you want to study examples of the power of personalization, it’s hard to overlook Netflix and Amazon, with their incredibly successful tailored recommended products or movie titles.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most important marketing trends today and likely for the next 5-10 years. A Bite able survey found that:

  1. 60% of businesses use video as a marketing tool
  2. 61% of marketers see video as a “very important or extremely important” part of their marketing strategy
  3. 74% say video has a better return on investment than static imagery
  4. 52% say that video helps them build trust with potential customers

Video is a useful channel where you can repurpose and republish your existing content or vice-versa. On the one hand, that means taking a content piece like a blog post and turning it into a video.

Social Messaging Apps

If you think social messaging apps are just for sending emojis to your friends, take a look at these numbers:
The top three social messaging apps — WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat — have 4.5 billion users combined, more than Facebook or YouTube.

Over 56% of global messaging app users say they have messaged brands to get more information in all stages of the buyer’s journey. Social messaging apps are another execution of a conversational marketing strategy. People expect businesses to have a presence on messaging apps because it’s a direct and easy way to interact with them.

Social Commerce

Social commerce has existed for a long time but never really caught up until recently. Two platforms that have brought a new meaning to social commerce are Instagram and TikTok. Instagram has 1 billion users, and 90% of them already follow active shopping brands, with many visiting these profiles daily.

Short-form video will be a priority

Short-form video took off in early 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down. Back then, TikTok was the number one place to go for short-form content. Today, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are also competing for users’ attention. This is good news for brands, as the short-form video trend content offered the second-highest ROI for B2C marketers in 2021.

Behind influencer marketing. Despite coming in second for ROI, it’s the trend marketers plan to invest in the most in 2022. Roughly 33% of B2C marketers already invest in short-form content, while one-third of those who haven’t will do so for the first time in 2022.

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