YouTube Channel Handles 2022

YouTube Channel Handles 2022. YouTube is launching “handles” to make it easier for viewers to find and engage with creators on the video-sharing platform.

What Are YouTube Handles?

YouTube Channel Handles 2022. Handles join channel names as another way to identify a YouTube channel, but unlike channel names, handles are truly unique to each channel so creators can further establish their distinct presence and brand on YouTube,” the company said in a blog post. On Monday, YouTube has announced that creators and channels on the platform are getting a @username-style handle.

The idea is to make it easier to mention a creator or a channel in comments, video descriptions, and community posts. Creators will be able to mention each other in mentions or even titles of collabs, which should provide new ways to increase visibility on the platform.

Every YouTube user will have a unique handle that applies across the platform, from channel pages to Shorts, YouTube’s TikTok competitor. Users can use a handle to mention others in comments, video descriptions, titles, and more, which YouTube says will make it easier for creators to reach audiences and increase visibility.

YouTube Channel Handles 2022

YouTube is becoming a little bit more like Twitter?

“We want to ensure creators can craft an identity as unique as their content, while giving viewers the confidence that they are interacting with their favorite creators,” YouTube says in its blog. Creators will still have a channel name, but handles will be unique, potentially cutting down on impersonator accounts.

Invitations to create handles are starting to roll out and should continue over the course of the month. Personalized channel URLs will automatically become channel handles, but Creator Studio will notify the creators if they can change their handle to be something different.

Although the existing channel URL and handle are two different things, YouTube says a new URL to match the handle “” will be created for channels. This new URL will co-exist with your usual channel address on the web, which will now redirect to the one with the handle for consistency.

Channel Names Aren’t Going Away

It’s worth noting that channel names aren’t going away. YouTube says handles will join channel names as “another way” to identify a YouTube channel. For this reason, YouTube is introducing this change gradually.

The company says it will notify creators when they can choose a handle for their channel “over the next month.” Channels with personalized URLs will automatically get those as their default handle “in most cases,” YouTube says, but they will also be able to opt out and change the handle for their channel after they get a notification in YouTube Studio.

For every existing channel — YouTube says there are billions — the platform will create a matching URL (i.e., that will direct visitors to the channel page. Previously, only creators with 100 or more subscribers were eligible for a custom URL. For everyone else, the URL for their YouTube channel has been a hashed unique ID, comprising a random string of alphanumeric characters.

YouTube Channel Handles 2022

Time Will Tell!

Handles can be used across YouTube in various ways. For example, creators can tag others in the title of a recent collab using the handles or give a shout-out to them in the description or comments.

The platform is gradually rolling out the ability for YouTube channel owners to choose a handle. Users will be notified via email and in YouTube Studio when they are able to select one. If you don’t choose a handle by Nov. 14, YouTube will begin assigning ones based on channel names; users will be able to edit their handle from

If a channel already has a personalized URL, YouTube says that in the majority of cases that will automatically be redirected to the new, handle-based URL. According to YouTube, other URLs creators have established will continue to redirect to their channels (at the new handle URL). The timing of when a creator will get access to the handles selection process depends on a number of factors, according to YouTube, including “overall YouTube presence, subscriber count and whether the channel is active or inactive.”

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