TikTok For Adults: Adults Are An Emerging Demographic on The Platform

“I saw it on TikTok” has become a common expression since the rise of popularity in TikTok. Tiktok exploded in popularity with users creating and sharing content like dancing videos, short tutorials, and funny clips. As a result, the video-sharing platform has become a global phenomenon. It has led to becoming one of the fastest-growing apps today. Despite its appeal mass appeal to a younger generation, ranging from teens to kids, it has become a widely used platform by adults. Find out how TikTok for adults is a powerful marketing strategy.

Marketing Trends For 2022 And Beyond: Videos, Reels And Shorts

For the past few years, video has reigned supreme in the marketing sphere. One of the top marketing trends for 2022 and beyond will continue being the short-form video style that TikTok is known for. Other social media platforms have attempted to replicate the success of TikTok’s design. Facebook and Instagram introduced “Reels” and YouTube introduced “Shorts” on their platform.

Live-Streaming and video-based content has become a key focus area in both social media marketing and digital marketing. Video has been performing better than static posts and content and has been capturing viewers’ attention for a longer period of time. Marketers that using short bite-sized videos like TikToks and Instagram Reels have been amazing for driving engagement and increasing brand awareness.


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TikTok’s Expansion and Rise To Popularity

The TikTok app became increasingly popular after it merged with Musical.ly- which was a signing-based app for musicians. What made the app appealing to users was its simple interface that roped users into scrolling for hours. Both TikTok and Vine were predicated on Vine, which was a social media app popular in 2013. Vine had a similar design to TikTok and Musical.ly – an interface that succeed in keeping people on the app scrolling for hours.

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok’s algorithm is relatively easy to understand. TikTok runs directly through the “For You Page” also known as “FYP” for short. The “For You Page” is used by all TikTok users at some point. Users can curate their own “For You Page” feed by liking, clicking, and sharing videos, and the TikTok algorithm will continue to show the user more of those videos or related popular videos.

TikTok For Adults

The TikTok app isn’t just for teens and kids anymore. As Generation Z is getting older, their TikTok preferences will be growing along with it. The platform is aiming to graduate along with its primary user base. As part of this transition, Tiktok is introducing an Adults-Only Content Option this past month. This option allows for live streamers on the platform who choose to restrict their viewership to those who are 18+.

An emerging trend for adults is to get their news on Tiktok. Viewership for news on TikTok has tripled in the past 2 years, while viewership for news has declined on other social media platforms. TikTok’s popularity as a news source has increased the strongest in the 18-29 crowd.

Changing Demographics On TikTok

TikTok has built a reputation for being an app that caters to a younger demographic. Many young Tiktok users rose to popularity through the app by creating lighthearted dancing and singing videos. It soon evolved to users creating valuable content – educational content, tutorials, life hacks, and tips. Businesses found that the content that performed the best was in the form of short easy-to-digest video clips that reeled users in.

Content creators, influencers, and entertainers are not the only ones who are now on TikTok. Businesses have found incredible success on TikTok – personal coaches, local restaurants, apparel, and more. Now that there is a rise of adults using Tiktok, this has opened the door for opportunities to brand to this demographic.

Facts and Statistics About TikTok Marketing in 2022

If you are still doubting the power of TikTok as a marketing tool, consider the following:

  • 81% of users will be using TikTok to discover new products and brands
  • TikTok video ads take up 6x more screen space than banners
  • 44% of Gen X TikTok users say the platform helps them discover new things
  • TikTok users are 1.3x more likely than other platform users to purchase a product to lift their spirits
  • 50% of Gen X TikTok users on tech journeys prefer brand content that is fun and entertaining.
  • 80% of Gen X TikTok users game once a week.

Source: TikTok Insights and TikTok For Business

Advertising and Marketing on TikTok

Marketing to an older demographic on TikTok is more than possible- there is an untapped opportunity. The pandemic is part of what created this environment, which might have not otherwise existed. Older generations are moving to social media to stay in touch with their loved ones and friends. If you have doubts about marketing to adults on TikTok, just take a look at large companies. ESPN and Apple Music are just a few brands that have created TikTok content for an older age range.

TikTok hashtags have revealed a lot about the changing demographics on the platform. Parents and grandparents are using TikTok to share their life experiences, parenting tips, and family living hacks. The #family hashtag has 67 billion views on the platform alone.

  • #momsoftiktok – 44 billion views
  • #dad – 25 billion views
  • #familytime – 8 billion views
  • #parenting – 4 billion views

Adults and older users have a few common searches that they are drawn to. For instance, this demographic is looking up snack products and food items, home appliances, groceries, cars, and businesses. When it comes to marketing to older users, keep an eye on trends, trending hashtags, and TikToks that are catered to parents and entire families.

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