AI and AI-generated content is the craze – from ChatGPT to Open AI. With so many options for instantly creating content, it’s hard not to see the allure. Many businesses have already started to consider AI-generated content for their websites, or they have already started using it. However, with Google cracking down on low quality content, spam and poor AI-generated content, it may not be a good strategy to use AI frequently. This won’t be one of those predictions of “What AI will bring us in 5 years”. Rather, in this article, we will cover why you shouldn’t use AI generated content on your website.

What Is AI- Generated Content

AI-generated content is a computer-generated copy that can replicate a human’s thought process – from writing to creating art. In 2024 there are several free content generators on the market. It has sparked many debates – especially recent discussions about how it threatens the livelihood of artists. Regardless of your thoughts on AI, it is becoming clear that AI-generated is becoming more popular.

However, AI and AI-generated content is nothing new. Chances are, you have encountered AI many times – whether it’s a chatbot on a website or a tool like Grammarly. Even though AI is nothing new, it has been implemented in new ways.

Even if you do not plan on using AI-generated content as a business, marketer or content creator, it still benefits you to become an expert on AI-generated content. You should learn how it works, how to not use it and how it can impact your content or your business.

How AI-Generated Content Works

AI has both baffled and allured users. So, how does AI-generated content actually work? AI-generation tools utilize machine-learning algorithms, which are often based on natural language processing. They analyze datasets of text and learn how to generate content that is similar in style and tone.

Part of machine learning includes natural language processing (NLP) which involves training a machine learning algorithm with hundreds of datasets. These datasets are from books, articles, and other content, and they help the machine learning algorithm understand the nuances of language – from grammar to syntax and word choice. So, a tool like ChatGPT will be able to predict the likelihood of how different words will appear based on a user’s input text.

The Hype Behind AI-Generated Content

There has been a lot of chatter around AI and what it can do for humans in general, aside from a business perspective. You can write an entire novel using AI and if you’re a student you could even be sly enough to try to write an AI-generated essay. However, that buzz has also triggered fear in content-creators, who fear that AI will replace them.

Although AI tools can create new content in a fraction of the time it takes a human, this does not necessarily mean that it will directly replace writers and designers. On the contrary, it will even present an opportunity for content creators to grow. Instead of seeing AI as “the enemy”, it should be a tool for content creators. However, this does not mean that any business or content creator should depend on or excessively use AI.

Why You Shouldn’t Use AI-Generated Content On Your Website

Google has recently introduced new updates to Search in March of 2024. Part of these updates includes cracking down on websites that use too much AI-generated content.

“Our focus on the quality of content, rather than how content is produced, is a useful guide that has helped us deliver reliable, high-quality results to users for years.” – Google

When you create content for search engines, you’re actually creating content for humans. At the end of the day, that is who is consuming your content! That is why Google prioritizes quality content – that is helpful, informative and user-focused. (This is based on a set of guidelines known as EEAT). Google’s goal is to deliver the most relevant and credible information to its users.

When It Comes To AI, There Are Several Reasons Why It Is Bad For Your Website’s SEO Ranking:

  1. Information might be inaccurate
  2. Unoriginal content
  3. Content lacks human emotion/relatability
  4. Low-quality/”spammy” content

Information Might Be Inaccurate

Even the best AI tools tend to create “fake” information that is completely made up, especially if the content is meant to include statistics or sources. As a result, it can be difficult to trust AI to write your content. False or inaccurate information on your website will tank your rankings on Google Search.

Unoriginal Content

Contrary to what you may think AI-generated content is not original, even if it seems like the programs are pulling it out of “thin air”. That is because these tools are pulling different pages on the web to create that article/story/blog post for you. Google penalizes websites for duplicate content, so this can hurt your SEO. So, the only way for that content to stand out from the competition is to alter it in some way.

Content Lacks Human Emotion/Relatability

A huge reason why we consume the content that we do is because of our desire to connect with others, especially though emotion. What makes content so engaging is the creativity as well as the personal anecdotes that creators will add. If you rely solely on AI-generated content, your content will fail to connect with users. As a result, users might not stay on your website for long.

Low Quality/”Spammy” Content

A major drawback of AI generators is that they content they produce is spammy and low quality. It often looks like keyword stuffing, which is designed to trick search engines (a major black hat SEO “hack” that Google is cracking down on). As a result, it won’t rank well in search engines and even get your website penalized.

The Bottom Line About AI-Generated Content

Overall, AI content can be an asset, but it is important to use it carefully. There are more efficient ways to create high-quality, SEO-friendly content that will help you to improve your website’s ranking and reach a wider audience.

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