Top Five Super Bowl Commercials

We broke down our favorite Top Five Super Bowl Commercials for you and why they made the top five. These are all the most unique and creative in comparison to other commercials in the 2018 Super Bowl, uniqueness and creativity being a large factor standing out amongst competitors in marketing.

However, that’s not the only thing these Top Five Super Bowl Commercials have in common. Let’s see if you can figure out the other factor these ads share in common.

Doritos Fire Vs Mountain Dew Ice

Peter Dinklage, representing Dorito’s #spitfire campaign and Morgan Freeman, representing Mountain Dew’s #icecold campaign.

Game of Thrones is one of top shows right now, and Peter Dinklage being an actor on the show and comedian loved by many. Doritos has him “spitting fire” singing Busta Rhymes.  Freeman is notorious for his voice, but they didn’t use his voice. Instead, he lip syncs to Missy Elliot.

Doritos throws off the audience, or customers, using an unexpected plot twist in this commercial, to keep customers watching and wanting more. Freeman is known for his voice but when he opens his mouth, we don’t hear his voice at all. Has there been a brand or entertainment company bold enough to pay Morgan Freeman for advertising and NOT used his voice? In fact, the opposite is true, Morgan Freeman’s voice and narration alone with his physical presence at all, is worth millions in the entertainment industry. Doritos said let’s replace Morgan Freeman’s voice with Missy Elliots. Let’s be bold! Let’s be different!

Doritos also used the plot twist opportunity to introduce a diverse but all famous stars admirable to the public. It appeals to a variety of consumers with different likes but brings them together with their product. The chances are greater the consumer watching likes Game of Thrones, or Morgan Freeman, Busta Rhymes, Missy or Rap Battles.

Morgan Freeman may have not earned a Freckle in this commercial, but he sure got a round of applause.

“Doritos Vs Mountain Dew was my favorite Super Bowl commercial. The years of hype and comedy made around Morgan Freeman’s voice, and for the ad to not only not use his voice but replace it with a female rapper’s. I was laughing after the commercial ended, and laughing is number one in holding my attention in marketing.” chimes in Erica from the Faceless Marketing crew.


E Trade

E. Trade made our Top Five Super Bowl Commercials which also has a play on music. Elderly lifeguards, firefighters, mail carriers, and DJs struggling in their jobs singing “I’m 85 and I wanna go home,” to Harry Belafonte’s Banana Boat Song. We are not sure what the commercial is for in the beginning and middle. It does get us laughing to the song and the events happening and tapping our shoes. The use of comic relief keeps our attention until we finally find out what the commercial is for; keeps us focused to see their brand introduced at the end. We find out it’s E. Trade’s way of telling us a retirement plan will get us out of our job sooner. The longer we put off saving for retirement, the longer we stay in our jobs, at the end saying, “This is getting old!”.



Tide commercial starts leaving the audience not knowing off the bat what the ad is for, but shortly after informs us, “it’s a Tide ad”, “look at all of those clean clothes”, and all the sudden they repeatedly say “Tide and our eyes are drawn from confusion to directed towards the clothes.’

“So, does this make every Super Bowl Commercial a tide ad?”

They “Tide” in the factor of consumer audience being able to relate to watching commercials not knowing what the commercial is actually for. Mocked other commercials from the start “just your typical super bowl car ad”, or “hilarious beer ad”, or “whatever ad this is”. They found an extremely creative way to say all commercials are Tide ads; “If you see clean clothes, it’s a Tide ad.”


Dodge Ram

This one hit the Top Five Super Bowl Commercials. The commercial was appealing to emotions, bringing everyone together. What better way to start the commercial evoking that feeling than to start with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. narrating? From barbering, to fire men, while playing inspirational Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the background, they did everything possibly to make the audience relate to their commercial.  For all we know in the beginning and throughout the commercial, it could have been a government commercial, or any other car commercial of that matter. It was Dodge making the move to pluck your heart strings.

“Way to bring the warm and fuzzies Dodge, the goosebumps and heartwarming feeling sure made me want to drive a Dodge Ram.” Erica, Faceless Marketing.

Also, like the Doritos commercial, the Ram commercial brings a diverse group of consumers together to their brand.  Appealing to more a diverse crowd makes their chances great to draw as many consumers as possible to their brand.


Tourism Australia

Danny McBride & Chris Hemsworth lead you to thinking the commercial is a movie preview. While the two adventures through Australia, and the ad flashes words on the screen “This Summer” and “Starring” with actors names, but when actors compliment the wine and restaurants, the ad starts falling off track of a movie preview. McBride comes in to clear our confusion taking off his Crocodile Dundee hat, “wait, this isn’t a movie”. Hemsworth in his Australian accent answers “no” to Hemsworth, “but we had the best trip ever didn’t we”, and the ad closes telling consumers there are some great flight deals to Australia right now.


Super Bowl Commercials - Faceless Technologies


Back to the question, besides uniqueness and creativity, what do all these Top Five Super Bowl Commercials have in common? They draw curiosity from the consumer and the demographic audience of the brands. They leave us wondering what’s coming next, what is this ad is for, but keeps us focused on their commercial to answer these questions at the end. What does curiosity do? Keeps our attention! We consumers, as human beings, are naturally curious and this is a driving factor in our behavior.

With the rapid jumps in the rate we do things thanks to technology, we as consumers are losing our attention at a quicker rate, so we better be hooked if we’re going to spend our time watching it.

If these commercials hadn’t kept our curiosity and attention, not only would companies waste millions of dollars in seconds they spent on these commercials to air during Super Bowl 2018, but all the time and resources to make the commercials. At Faceless Marketing, our team is here to take that stress of off companies and make sure every bit of your time, money and resources are spent to draw consumers to your brand like a magnet. Keep consumers eyes on the prize of your brand and product. In turn you can relax and refocus your eyes back on internal projects and deadlines. Multimedia like these commercials is a great way to bring attention to your brand – Check out our Video portfolio here  — > …Or visit our Youtube channel for more.

What Our Team Can Do

Our multimedia division will make sure to keep consumers curious wanting to know more about your brand, keep their attention, and have them wanting more. We also use tactics similar to Doritos manipulating Morgan Freemans voice. These are bold tactics different than the mainstream and what everyone else is doing, to make your brand stand out amongst the crowd. It’s up to you. Do you want your marketing campaign to sound like a repetitive copying parrot, leaving your fan base and consumers bored and losing attention? Or do you want to soar higher than the rest like an eagle, with consumer eyes locked on you and your brand flying higher than the rest?


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