The Unnecessary Necessity of Social Media Accounts

“I don’t need social media to promote my company” yeah those are the words from some people who think that social media is stupid & a waste of time for their business.  We are all living in a world where technology provides easy-quick access to information. If you want to look for a place to eat, you go online and search for the place. Also, people look up networking channels to see visuals & if there is something that catches the eye.  The Sunday brunch avocado toast with a mimosa on the side image that you see on your feed from a friend you barely talk to gives you the push to get out of bed & join the rest of the foodie movement. All based on an image, so why do so many people think that social media is unnecessary to the growth of their business?

Is it too much work? Posting a picture every day or writing a post can take time. But putting all excuses to the side, it’s something so beneficial because it creates a connection between the reader and the viewer. A picture can change your mindset on how you look at a person, an idea, a place, etc.

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The Unnecessary Necessity

Your business, side hustle or dream is losing a lot if you don’t use network platforms like Facebook. It’s great to have a professional website, but not having any kind of social platforms connected to it brings no traffic, no views from other people who are not on google looking up things all the time. Over 91% marketers claimed that their social media marketing efforts increased their visibility and produce more exposure for their products.

Social media is free! Why not use it to your advantage? I guess some companies are still living and thinking the old school way of doing things, but technology has shifted the world. There is no excuse for not knowing or learning how to run social media platforms for your business. If people don’t want to run their social media because is too much work, then they can invest in companies that can assist the business by running all the platforms & increasing the company’s online presence.

The social media wave is not ending any time soon, is not a trend like in fashion that comes & goes. It’s very steady & it keeps growing each day, & your business should take advantage of it if you want to survive. People would recommend a product or a service to others more if they have a positive experience with it on social media.

Your Business Needs Social Media

According to a great blog post provided by Lyfe,

  1. The number of social media-using adults has gone from 7% in 2005 to 69% just ten years later.
  2. Social media use on mobile devices is seeing a 30% growth every year.
  3. 2 million business today use Facebook advertising for promoting their products and services.

Things to keep in mind during your networking journey specially if you are considering establishing it from scratch:

1. Improve your brand
2. Engage with your customers
3. Cost-effective meaning use your FREE platforms
4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization
5. Focus on your niche or market
6. Consistency

Now that you know why you need networking platforms & how beneficial is for you, take the plunge & make it happen.

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