Reputation Management Matters & How You Can Learn From It

Reputation management and public relations can be a truly horrible game to play in today’s digital world. Where it seemed to hit home is when Facebook was brought to the front of the battle lines.

Two months ago, CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared in front of the U.S senate with 229 pages of answers regarding social media privacy. ( )

Every Facebook user was scared and questioning where the social platform stands. Do people feel safe using Facebook anymore? More interesting than that is, Facebook has now created a new recovery campaign to regain the trust of the users.

Reputation Management

Facebook collects data from various devices that you use when you log into Facebook. What you are browsing on your phone, the percentage on your battery, storage availability, and the strength of WIFI signal in your area (amongst many other variables of interesting data).

So, after this whole issue with privacy, Facebook has created a recovery campaign to make users feel safe

So, after this whole issue with privacy, Facebook has created a recovery campaign to make users feel safe. It is a great public relations recovery campaign when the company addresses their customers first, instead of the media. As a business with clients or customers, you MUST consider the reputation that the business is carrying with the public and the consumers. Is your customer service terrible? Do your employees represent your brand properly while they are at work and when they are not?

It is good to see something negative turn into something positive. Facebook’s reputation was very well managed in this situation. Building and growing your business relationships with your clients is very important if your company ever goes through a similar experience. A bad Google review, someone complaining on Yelp, or a crappy review on Facebook can literally put a business out for the count. Most businesses cannot afford to ignore these types of reviews or dissatisfied clients/customers. Facebook wants to go back to the foundation on what the platform was created for, to connect with others and to make sure that you don’t feel alone.


It is important for people to feel safe when logging in and using Facebook. Even though the past few months Facebook had to reconstruct a little and go back to basics. They have done a pretty nice job on recovering the reputation that they once had. They are making sure that people go back to feeling excited about posting their latest life events, thoughts and pictures.

How Is Reputation Management Important Business?

How is reputation management important for your company? This is originally a public relations term, and with the growth of the internet and social media it is a core part of an individual’s or groups reputation. In business it is key to be aware how you are impacting your clients online & off line as well. Learning from Facebook’s latest issue, we can see how to approach a kick in the gut to your brands reputation.

A company’s public relations must be handled and dealt with don’t just ignore it….

A company’s public relations must be handled and dealt with, you cannot just ignore the issue and think it will not affect your day to day accounting numbers. At Faceless we can assist you with many resources & services to make sure that whatever your business goes through, it will recover and continue to grow.

Reputation Management and public relations provide a service for the company by helping to give the public and the media a better understanding of how the company works. Within a company, public relations can also come under the title of public information or customer relations. These departments assist customers if they have any problems with the company.

Public Relations also helps the company to achieve its full potential. These types of departments provide feedback to the company from the public. This usually takes the form of research regarding what areas the public is most happy and unhappy with.


When was the last time you listened to what your customers or clients were saying? Do you have a review online that is bothering your businesses reputation? Has your brands reputation been mismanaged?

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