M’WOW Spring 2022. Are you ready for more MWoW’s?

M’WOW Spring 2022. Are you ready for more MWoW’s? Faceless Marketing is bringing our top favorite Marketing wins. We are bringing to you some more creative, artistic, and exceptional Marketing Wins of The Week from around the world! So, sit back and hold on tight because these just might blow you away.

First Things First…

Let me let you in on a little tip. A marketing win could be in the form of a piece of art, a commercial, a slogan, logo, or image that stood out to us as exceptional. Every week each member of our team picks one entry, and we duke it out to see who has the best one. The winner is crowned the M’WoW (Marketing Win of the Week).

M'WOW Spring 2022

Marketing educates many people about a certain product. When people are well-informed about your product, your sales will increase. Marketing is a great help for many business establishments to create revenue options. It is when business sectors use different marketing strategies to increase business profits.

Main benefits of effective advertisements

  1. Increasing brand & products awareness.
  2. Standing out from the competition.
  3. Attracting current & potential customers.
  4. Educating your business customers.
  5. Increasing Sales Volume & ROI.
  6. Improving your brand positioning “image”

Here are some of our favorite MWow’s of the month!

Liberty Mutual-liberty biberty

When any Liberty Mutual commercial comes on TV, am I the only one who almost always involuntarily says “Liberty biberty”? The “bad actor” in this commercial is actually a professional actor named Tanner Novlan. You might recognize him more from his role on the tv soap opera “Bold and The Beautiful”. This commercial immediately drags in your attention and will give you a good chuckle. In the scene, the “Bad Actor “tries hard to remember the lines, all while trying to tell you how you can save on money on insurance.

The Giant QR Code-Halo

Now this M’WoW is on a completely different level when coming up with advertising ideas. This giant drone controlled QR code served as an ad for the new Halo series lit up above the Austin skyline. To promote the show, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival yesterday, a display about as big as two football fields towered above the Fairmont hotel, at 300 feet tall and 600 feet wide.

M'WOW Spring 2022

IKEA-Bear Super Bowl Commercial

Home is where the heart is! Especially with this M’WoW! IKEA is known for their symbol of a teddy bear (Djungelskog) Teddy bears are a universal symbol for comfort and security, with the cuddly toys often evoking memories of emotional soothing as a child. IKEA kicks that to another level in its latest ad campaign, depicting a set of adorably buff bears providing companionship and literal security as they guard a home’s front door.

Michael Bublé vs Bubly

Michael Bublé is back to debate the pronunciation of Bubly Sparkling Water in the brand’s 2021 Super Bowl ad. This hilarious commercial feature a thirsty Michael Bublé in the middle of a store. Accidentally pronouncing the drink as if it were his name, some one comes out to tell him of his incorrect pronunciation. Then as he defends, more of the stores customer’s join in. Playing in on the clever name of this celebrity defiantly makes great content for this refreshing brand. How do you say it? Bublé or Bubbly?

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