Marketing Win of the Week

Faceless Marketing presents The Marketing Win of the Week! Faceless Marketing will be bringing you some creative and imaginative marketing and advertising campaigns from around the world. A marketing win could be in the form of a piece of art, a commercial, a slogan, logo, or image that stood out to us as exceptional. Every week each member of our team picks one entry, and we duke it out to see who has the best one. The winner is crowned the M’WoW (Marketing Win of the Week).

What makes good marketing? Is it something flashy and in your face, emotional and heart tugging, or casual devil may care? In advertising and marketing, it’s not always that simple. Certain ads or marketing campaigns can differ from business to business depending on a never-ending flow of variables.

What do we consider to be great advertising? A great ad needs to drive business, and successfully meet the marketing goals of the brand. Even an unsuccessful ad can become iconic. The famous Taco Bell dog ads were wildly successful, invaded pop culture and continues to stick in the minds of a generation to this day. However, even that campaign didn’t impact Taco Bell sales, which is what it was meant to do.

This Months Picks for The Marketing Win of the Week

The common denominator of iconic ads, successful or not, is that they get noticed. They stand out among other ads and people are willing to engage with them. The 21st century gives all of us a chance to skip or ignore content as we wish, so it can be challenging to get people to read or watch your advertisements. A great ad needs to effectively break through the static. Understanding your campaign’s ability to break through the white noise is also important.

Take this for example, our first M’WoW. The Kit-Kat bench. Have you seen these before? If you have seen them, you probably remember. Not only is this advertising campaign wildly creative but the benches themselves are even shaped like a giant Kit-Kat bar. There are a few different versions of the benches but the one that stood out to us is represented here in the picture below. The benches were made to give people another kind of break. In this instance, a chance to relax for a minute and take it all in.

First Marketing Win of the Week

Our next three M’WoW’s come to us in the form of commercials. The first one is a Superbowl commercial for Paramount’s new streaming platform Paramount Plus. Stars from some of the most popular shows on their platform climb their way up and meet atop Paramount mountain. As they congregate, we realize the message. “All of your favorite shows are in one spot. Paramount Plus” or something along those lines. Watch the commercial below and develop your own opinion. As you watch, realize the creativity, and thought that went into the development of this advertisement.

Second Marketing Win of the Week

Next we have a hilarious and honest advertisement from the Garden of Life Women’s Probiotic. This commercial stood out because it’s unlike any other probiotic advertisement we’ve seen before. In the age of equality, it’s becoming more and more clear that we don’t all have to hide our business from one another. We’re all human beings and, as the adage goes, everyone poops. Watch as the Garden of Life brand breaks through the static to upset what we’ve come to know as “acceptable” advertising.

Last Marketing Win of the Week

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have Simon. AT&T hit the nail on the head with this emotional approach directed by Oscar nominee Jason Reitman. Boasting that the commercial was shot entirely on an iPhone 13 Pro, we follow the story of Simon the snowman from one holiday season to the next. One of the greatest tools to create a memorable ad campaign is emotion. In this advertisement we become invested in Simon’s well being and the story of his human creator.

The Marketing Win of the Week will be coming out again soon. We will regularly post articles about our findings for the M’WoW’s and share them with you. Keep your eyes peeled, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube to stay up to date with the Marketing Win of the Week.

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