Google My Business 2023 Issues

Formerly known as Google My Business, Google Business Profile is a tool that puts your business information in front of potential customers. For years, Google has made the platform easy to use for a variety of users – from business owners to professional marketers and developers. However, over the past year, we have run into issues with Google Business Profile, and these are issues that we think you should know about. These are the Google My Business 2023 issues that you should know about.

Why You Should Keep Up With Google Updates & Issues

Google Business Profile is essential for every business. However, if you are a small business that relies heavily on local customer traffic, it is critical for you to have a Google My Business page that is fully optimized. That being said, you need to be paying attention to every update (or issue) that arises. You don’t have to be an expert, but you do need to keep up.

Google My Business 2023 Issues and Problems

Since the rebrand to Google Business Profile (GBP) and the new design, there have been a slew of technical issues and snafus that have arose. I you want to learn more about the platforms new look and design, you can read about it here.

How Google My Business Verification Works

Before your business listing becomes visible to the public, Google must first verify your Google Business Profile. In addition to your profile being visible to the public, you will also be able to use all the Google Business tools – creating posts, responding to reviews, updating your profile and more. Which is why verification is the initial step to make this all happen.

Traditionally, Google My Business has only had a few options for verifying a business. Your options were to either get a digital pin code sent to a company email (ideally an info@ email) or Google sent a postcard to your business address containing a physical pin code. This is a 6-digit code that would be entered to verify your business listing on Google.

Google My Business Video Verification Is Not Working

In the last year or so, Google has started integrating the option to verify your business using video. Think of it as like a “digital in-person” check-in on the business. So, why has Google chosen to integrate video verification? The answer is that Google is trying hard to ensure that Google Business Profiles are legitimate businesses that are meeting Google’s guidelines.

Through video verification, Google is trying to garner the following information:

  • Existence – Is this a genuine/real business? Does it exist?
  • Geographic location – Is the business located where the Business Profile says it’s located?
  • User integrity – is this an authentic company? Is it a real merchant? Google is checking to see if someone is attempting to commit fraud.
  • Affiliation – Is the user verifying the Google Business Profile actually associated with the business?

The problem that we are seeing arising with our clients is that businesses are not able to choose the method of verification. Rather, Google is picking the method for them by offering only video verification as its only option. Google is offering troubleshooting options that aren’t available on the user end i.e. directing customers to opt-in for the postcard verification method when that method is unavailable.

We have managed the verification process for clients and had issues with the video verification not being accepted by Google. (As a side note, we are meticulous with following the directions of how Google wants this verification video recorded and uploaded). Our multiple attempts to verify these businesses through video have still not gone through on Google’s end. Due to the limited customer support on Google’s end, this has turned into an ongoing issue for some of our accounts.

Other Problems with Google Business Profile

Verification technical errors are not the only problems that have been occurring when dealing with the Google Business platform.

Impact of COVID-19

Even years later, businesses are still recovering from the industry-wide changes that COVID-19 has caused. Even Google was not able to escape from this. Similar to other businesses, Google has limited support teams available and longer wait times for customer support. Unfortunately, one needs to have a little bit of patience when dealing with Google support.

Google Business Profile Suspension Due To Quality Issues

One of the most common problems are Google Business Profiles getting suspended due to quality issues. Typically the solution to get it reinstated is to ensure that your business information is accurate and doesn’t violate the Google Business Guidelines.

To get a Google Business Profile unsuspended due to quality issues, you can follow these steps:

  1. Review NAP info (Name, Address, Phone number)
  2. Check your business category
  3. Review your website link
  4. Ensure quality photos are uploaded
  5. Double-check your business hours
  6. Submit reinstatement request

Reinstatement Loops

The dreaded “reinstatement loops” is a term to explain what happens when suspended profiles get reinstated and then suspended again. This issue tends to arise when businesses use invalid addresses such as a FedEx or UPS drop-off point.

As far as a solution goes, all you can do is contact support or reply to the reinstatement email that you have received.

Legitimate Reviews Are Not Showing Up

In the past there has been issues of legitimate reviews not showing up on Google Business Listings. What happened was that any reviews left for the business were not showing up. The user leaving the review would be able to see it, but it would not be publically visible.

What happened was that according to Google:  “…most cases, missing reviews were removed for policy violations like spam or inappropriate content.” However, if you can get a screenshot from the reviewer, you can report it in the community form. Post the screenshot and Google Maps URL for your business. A product expert can escalate the case to the support team for manual review.

Dealing with Google Business Profile Issues?

We understand the frustration you are going through, especially when dealing with technical issues that are outside your power to fix. Unfortunately, large companies like Google are not known for the best customer service, and they have surpassed the need to satisfy every customer. If you are currently experiencing issues with your Google Business Profile, we encourage you to reach out to us. Whether you have questions (or just want to vent and go off on a rant), we are willing to assist you.

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