Why Your Business Needs Billboard Advertising In 2023

Billboards (a form of Out-Of-Home Advertising) are one of the most iconic mediums for advertising. Many of us have memories of going on trips, driving to work, and seeing a memorable billboard on the way to our destination. If you’ve ever been to Times Square in NYC, you were probably blown away by the sheer amount of billboards that lit up the street. Today, billboards are still a trusted and compelling medium for advertisers who are looking to reach customers in transit. Learn more about why your business needs billboard advertising in 2023.

Why Your Business Needs Billboard Advertising In 2023

As a medium, billboards go all the way back to the 1860s and still continue to be one of the most recognizable forms of advertising. They are seen by millions of commuters and travelers every day. Here are just a few statistics about the power of billboards:

  • 71% of people surveyed stated that they have viewed billboards at least once while driving
  • A report by Statista found that out of $297 billion spent in North America in 2021, a mere $7 billion are due to billboards
  • 58% of billboard viewers learned about an event they were interested in attending from seeing a billboard

High Visibility

It’s cliché but true: when it comes to advertising, bigger is always better. One of the best advantages of using billboards is that they come in a variety of eye-catching sizes which reach a wide number of people. Billboards can be as small as “poster” size (12 ft. x 24 ft.) or at their biggest, which can be as large as 20 feet high by 69 feet wide.  Even the most boring and uninspired billboard designs have the potential to catch the attention of travelers from miles away.

They are attention-getting, especially on the highway, where there might not be a lot to look at. A static billboard with an eye-catching design can be effective in attracting new customers.

Digital Options

There aren’t just static billboards anymore. Now, there are digital options for billboards that offer more. New digital versions of billboards. Digital billboards can be especially eye-catching to billboard viewers if they have colorful LED displays, playable videos, and other features that grab consumers’ attention.

Here are just a few advantages that digital billboards have over static billboards:

  • More Creativity – the possibilities are endless with digital billboards, and this can translate to more creative, unique, and effective advertising
  • Very Flexible– Once static billboards are up, you can’t do anything to change the design. On the other hand, digital billboards can be changed. For instance, you might want to alter your message based on the time of day.
  • Integrations Are Available – Digital billboards can connect with mobile app integrations, GPS technology and smart location-based functions (geofencing), and navigation apps. This works to alert drivers’ when your business is nearby.

Prime Location

Billboard location goes hand-in-hand with visibility. Location is key to successful billboard advertising. One of the biggest advantages to using billboards are the options that you have when it comes to choosing where to place your advertisement. A well-placed billboard can potentially reach people in their cars, cyclists, pedestrians, and commuters who use public transportation.

Builds Brand Awareness

When you have a medium that is “in your face” like a large billboard, they are incredibly powerful at building brand awareness. This is especially true when people are seeing the billboard multiple times a day/week/month. They will start to associate that billboard with a specific brand and company. Billboard designs and copy are created to be catchy and memorable, which is a great way to “stick” to the mind of your customer. For instance, a billboard for a doctor helps build brand awareness – the next time someone needs that service, they will already have that specific billboard in mind.

Targets A Wide Audience

A billboard can reach a wide net of customers and potential customers with a single advertising tactic. Rather than spending extra time and budget to identify and reach niche groups, billboards allow you to reach a large part of the general population. Additionally, billboards bring customers to you. As a result, you don’t have to spend your advertising time and money trying to reach potential customers. This is incredibly valuable for widespread services (like hospitals, dentists, and lawyers) that attract a variety of demographics. This can be helpful in attracting customers that you might not expect would be interested in your business.

Increased Sales

Bigger ads = bigger sales. One of the benefits of billboard ads is their ability to increase sales. They can do this in a number of ways. The sales power of billboards is from customer habits:

  • Impulsivity – Billboards are able to thrive off Americans’ habit of impulse purchases. It’s a lot like the candy rack at the grocery store. Studies have found that consumers can be surprisingly impulsive behind the wheel. 68% have reported feeling impulsive about purchasing decisions while driving.
  • Turnover Rate – The turnover rate for billboards is also surprisingly high. 32% of Americans reported visiting a business within a week of seeing a billboard advertisement.


It’s easy to balk at the initial price of billboards. Even small poster-sized billboards can be costly. However, when you factor in the amount of people who are expected to see your billboard, it is actually very cost-effective. You can expect a high number of impressions from billboards that have been strategically placed in high-traffic areas.

It’s Always Working

Billboards are always working. Unlike other mediums, you won’t have to worry about limitations or technical difficulties. For instance, an ad on TV or radio is only played a few times a day. Whereas, a billboard is viewed 24/7 and they lead to repeat exposure as people pass by. Even though billboard messages are shorter than other ad forms, it sticks in people’s minds more often.

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