What to Expect For Video Production Services

Video production is a tool that can be quite beneficial to your company However, this tool is frequently misused. I’d want to discuss some of the ways video creation is misunderstood or miscommunicated. There’s a lot more to video production than simply recording a video. There are various phases, such as preproduction, postproduction, and editing. All of these stages operate in tandem to bring you to your ultimate output. Hopefully, these suggestions can assist you with your next project if you are new to video production or even if you are a seasoned pro. Here is what to expect for video production services in Orlando, FL.

Hiring A Video Production Company in Orlando, FL

To make things a bit easier, the framework that I will follow will begin at the beginning of the project and work its way to the end, as well as everything in between. The video production company may ask you if you have a strategy for the film, if you need this movie, or if you can accomplish the same thing with just a few photos because the point of the content we create is meant to be an investment for you. Several times, I’ve been requested to do a one-minute to thirty-second ad with the customer expecting it to take 5 to 10 minutes to shoot. They’re not thinking about how important it is for me to know the location, props, and outfit. There’s a lot more that goes into these projects, and the first step is pre-production, which is the planning process.

The Preproduction Process

So, let’s talk about some ideas you can put into preproduction. To consider what your brand’s story is, to what kind of tale are you looking to tell? Why are you telling this story? Who is your target audience? As I previously stated, is filming a video even worthwhile if you’re not going to devote all your focus to what you need for the project, such as marketing? Having a video without marketing is, in my opinion, equivalent to having a car without wheels. It is not going anywhere. However, these are a few things that need to be considered for your video’s pre-production and discussed with the video production crew that you’ll be working with days before entering into a shoot.

What Happens In Preproduction

Pre-production is the stage during which the script is created, the performers are picked, and the props are chosen. The cameras that have been purchased by the team for video production are picked, and the prices are discussed. The script is where the finished product will eventually be. The objective of developing this content is the focus of pre-production. Is this content intended to generate sales or to get more comments and, why are we shooting this? Once all these things are answered and in place, you will be able to set rates and schedule a date for your actual production.


So, we’ve arrived at the actual production. Out of all of your days, this is going to be one of the most enjoyable days or days of the entire project.  You’re not only there to see everything come together, but you’re also able to see your vision come to life. This is the point at which the script, props, location, actors, and production team all come together to shoot the project. This is the stage at which you will begin to see your concept take shape as it is captured. If all the correct preparation was done during the pre-production phase, there shouldn’t be too many setbacks throughout the production phase. After the filming is completed and the equipment is broken down and packed up, the next step is post-production.

The Post-Production Process

Post-production is where all the editing is completed, and the project begins to take its final form. Everything should be coming together now both figuratively and literally. This is the stage where we combine all the music, film, and audio of them chatting together to see if the props are being used properly. You must make the location appealing. Then you compile your edits and deliver them to the client. And in many cases, this is where most ventures fail. The reason for this is that people feel this is the final phase, but it is not.

You don’t just finish it and upload it on Facebook or YouTube and anticipate a million views, sales, or whatever the video’s goal was. There must be a goal in place. That is knowing what will happen once you finished with the editing possess and have your film in hand. Therefore, pre-production is so crucial. Additionally, having a purpose in mind for the video will lead us to the next phase in marketing.

Marketing Your Content

We have your content and know whom you’re attempting to reach. So, we’re trying to get it in front of your audience during the marketing phase. Many people associate this with social media marketing and pay-per-click or impressions. While these are aspects of it, there are others, such as SEO (search engine optimization). And, with Faceless Marketing, we have access to a variety of other media channels and outputs, such as Park Ave magazine, our digital magazine online with a strong presence in the Orlando Winter Park area. However, some clients are unsure about who their target audience is. With Faceless Marketing, we will help you get in front of your target audience in no time.

The takeaway from all of this is that video creation entails more than merely picking up a camera. The preproduction and creation of your content, as well as who it’s for and what it’s for, should be two of the most critical components of any video production. The second is your marketing plan. This is what you develop throughout the pre-production phase but also put into action at the end. Faceless Marketing understands how overwhelming all of this may be, which is why we work with you side by side to help you with pre-production and come up with some of the best tactics to get your content in front of your audience. Reach out to Faceless Marketing for a quote or FREE consultation. Call 1-800-357-1299 or email info@faceless.marketing and check out our YouTube channel for helpful videos.