Sales Sheets


Use Sales Sheets For Anything

Introduce your company as well as your products through sales sheets. These sheets are also used as inserts for sales kits and binders. Also, these are used as guides and handouts for products. Moreover it is great for business presentation, meetings and even trade shows.

Sales sheets are a great way to show off a product or service to prospective customers. Basically, it is a quick overview of the product or service with all the sales information available on a sheet of paper. It’s a quick and easy way to showcase your product and give out at trade shows, sales calls or retail locations. It can also be part of a larger marketing or promotion kit. You want your sales sheet to be concise and to the point. Do your best sales pitch for the product or service without getting bogged down into too many details. Think of it as a sales synopsis, highlighting all the important features for the customer.

Custom Sales Sheet Printing as Business Materials

Keep it simple The important thing to remember is to not make it wordy. Most people are not going to want to get bogged down into a lot of text, especially if they only want a quick rundown of your product. Use bullet points in order to keep the copy short and succinct. Try to concentrate on how the product or service will benefit the customer, and not just talk about the specific features. For example, if you are selling a new kind of microwave oven, talk about how it will save time and effort for the consumer more than you do about the technical bells and whistles. People want to know how a product will help them, so concentrate on that.

Show it off You should include a full-color photo of your product on your sales sheet, preferably with someone actually using it in order to personalize it a little bit more. A graphic or illustration will work, too, but more often than not, people want to see the product in question. The only exception here would be an industrial piece of equipment that may or may not look like anything on the outside but a box. In this case, a cut-away illustration may be the best way to show off the product.

A call to action Light a fire under your customers and include a direct call to action in your sales sheet copy, telling them to call now or visit your website for more information and/or pricing. Give them a reason to call and purchase your item, because a sales sheet is designed to make the sale. It doesn’t have to be a pure sales pitch, but you need to give your customers a direct incentive to contact you about the product or service.

Incorporate great design Working closely with an experienced graphic designer will help you pull all of these elements together into a good-looking sales sheet that gets your message across while making the sale. Use eye-catching elements such as headlines and contrasting colors, and make sure your bodies of text are broken into columns and boxes in order to create white space on the page. A good graphic designer will know how to place each part in a way to draw the eye and grab the customer’s attention.

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