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Well before phrases like “street marketing” and “canvassing” were invented, flyers were already viewed as a terrific way to get the word out. In fact, they’ve been around as a way of getting a message across since pamphlets became popular in England in the 17th Century – usually for social and political activities.

Flyers (alternately known as leaflets or pamphlets) are mostly used today to help businesses find new customers and get the word out on various events and activities. But the core principles that make flyers work are the same: They’re cost-efficient and easy to distribute.

  • Event announcements: These are the flyers that come to many people’s minds when they first think of flyers. They can range from concerts at a local club to a sale at a local bookshop, and are usually posted on community notice boards or handed out on the street.
  • Product information/fact sheet: If you’ve ever been to a trade fair, you’ve had one of these handed to you. These documents (usually two-sided) allow companies to give prospective customers an in-depth look at their products. These flyers also serve as great additions to sales packets left with clients.
  • General awareness: Do you have a new business? Are you looking for volunteers? These are flyers designed and intended to get the word out.

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