How To Create A Podcast In 2023

So, you want to create a podcast in 2023, but you’re not sure where to start. Trying to launch a podcast on your own can be overwhelming if you are doing it by yourself. Luckily, Faceless Marketing has been in business for over 25 years and we’ve been around since the early days of RSS feeds! Since then, we’ve been helping companies launch their own podcasts – ranging from real estate investing to metaphysics. If you’ve been carrying around a podcast idea for months (or maybe years), now is the best time to get started. You don’t have to wade through countless listicles and YouTube videos on podcasting in 2023. Our guide is all you need to get started on creating a podcast: from podcast statistics to setting up your podcast and creating your first episode!

Podcast Statistics In 2023

Over the past few years, podcasts have been making major waves on the airwaves! The number of podcast listeners has grown rapidly since 2019. A major part of this has been the pandemic, where podcasts were one of the many online resources that users turned to. Just take a look at these impressive podcast statistics for 2023:

  • By 2024, there will be close to 505 million global podcast listeners
  • In the world of podcasting, comedy and true crime were the top spots for the most popular genres
  • Podcast revenue is expected to exceed $2B in 2023
  • In 2021, the estimated number of podcast listeners in the U.S. was 7 million
  • Millennials are in the top spot for the generation with the highest share of podcast listeners in the US
  • The fasting growing monthly podcast listenership in the U.S. is the 55+ demographic
  • By 2024, podcast ad revenue is set to hit $4 billion

Why Podcasting Is Good For Your Brand and Business

Podcasts offer more than news and entertainment. They also offer more to brands and businesses than you think. The advantages range from measurable (such as cash flow from monetization) to branding.

  • Podcasts build your brand and promote brand awareness
  • It provides a more personal connection
  • You are able to establish an authoritative presence
  • Podcasts help companies reach new customers and clients
  • Podcasts offer new opportunities through guest speakers and collaborations
  • Episodes are good for social media content and sharing across multiple platforms
  • Podcasts can be produced on a shoestring budget
  • They can bring in income through sponsorships, ads, and even paid interviews
  • Podcasts can increase web content and traffic

In 2023, you will be bringing your business to the next level with a brand podcast. Do not let this opportunity slip through the cracks.

How To Create A Podcast In 2023

Creating a podcast in 2023 is a fairly straightforward process. This is a basic layout from start to finish:

  1. Choose a topic for your podcast
  2. Create a name for your podcast
  3. Get artwork designed for your podcast
  4. Purchase a mic and the right equipment
  5. Choose podcast hosting
  6. Record your first episode and upload your podcast to podcast platforms
  7. Promote your podcast

Choosing a Topic For Your Podcast

If you are creating a podcast for your brand or business, you are already ahead of the curve. You can take it a step further by creating a list of 50-100 potential episodes on this specific topic. However, you don’t want to make your podcast focus too broad to the point where it won’t appeal to your specific audience. Your core demographic is not “everybody”.

Create A Name For Your Podcast

To make things easy and concise, you can always name your podcast after your business. Your podcast name should be specific and clear, yet unique enough to capture your audience.

Get Artwork Designed For Your Podcast

Podcast artwork is important – it is the first thing that listeners will notice about your podcast. Podcast artwork needs to communicate the subject of your podcast and reinforce your brand.

Purchase A Mic and the Right Equipment

Assuming you already have a computer, you will also need a few more items to record your podcast:

  • A microphone (you can choose between USB and XLR mics)
  • Audio-editing software (Audacity, Reaper, or Garageband (for Mac)
  • Optional equipment including a pop filter, a pair of headphones, and a boom arm.

Choose Your Podcast Hosting

Podcast hosting can be as varied as cell phone providers. There is a variety of hosting companies that you can choose from, and these are a few of the top choices for podcasters:

At Faceless, we use Blubrry hosting for our clients’ podcasts, as we believe this offers the best features, quality and support for the price.

Podcast hosting plans are fairly affordable, but there are also free podcasting plans on the market. However, these plans will come with limits for uploading audio.

Record Your First Episode and Upload It To Your Hosting Platform

Once you’re ready, the next step is to prepare to record your first episode. This is how to prepare:

  1. Write your script
  2. Create your intro and outro (this needs to mention the podcast name, topic, host name, and a potential call to action)
  3. Record your episode
  4. Edit your audio (post-production) – includes cutting out errors, reducing background noise, balancing sound levels, etc.
  5. Upload your file to a podcast hosting platform.

When you have completed your first episode, you’re going to submit your RSS feed to all major podcast media platforms – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Pandora.

Promote Your Podcast

There are 800,000+ podcasts worldwide but you can still ensure that you will get a solid audience base. Through good promotion and marketing, you can quickly get your podcast off the ground running!

Hire A Professional Marketing Firm to Grow Your Podcast to New Levels

When you hire a full-service marketing firm (like Faceless), we will be able to create your podcast from start to finish, right down to the promotion and marketing. We are prepared with a team of audio engineers, writers, video editors, designers and marketers to assist you. Just a few of our services (but not limited to) include:

  • Marketing and launch strategy
  • Content planning
  • Audio editing
  • Guest booking and follow up
  • Publishing and syndication
  • Creating cover art and promotional graphics
  • Crafting show notes, blog posts, and social media posts.

Faceless Marketing Is A Top Multimedia Marketing Firm

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