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Hiring Process and Job Postings

Amplify your hiring process and job postings. No more managing multiple ads on different job boards with multiple accounts. Replace all your emails and spreadsheets with one simple solution. We take pride in making your job just a little bit easier. We source, screen, and introduce top talent to be directly hired by you, providing extra capacity for hiring those hard-to-fill or volume positions.

Today, hiring a new employee takes an average of 23 days, up from 13 days just a few years ago. And while there are many reasons employers don’t want to rush through the hiring process—e.g. they’ve fallen victim to the “Perfect Fit Syndrome”—moving at a snail’s pace runs the risk of losing great candidates along the way. On the other hand, hiring an applicant too fast may result in an employee that truly isn’t a good fit for your company.

We Will Cover A-Z

We are against shortcuts—rather we focus on investing in the hiring process and ensuring we’re hiring the right candidate for your brand. Companies who ‘expedite’ the process are often losing the same person within 6 months and posting for the position again, costing time, money, frustration and added stress to employees who have to step up and do the job until it’s filled again. When you’re in need of top talent, the last thing your company wants to convey is a poor candidate experience, or to have to fire someone later on down the line. Preparation goes a long way in recruiting and retaining employees.

Faceless Marketing offers the best hiring tools to businesses -using innovative technology and a modern, user-friendly approach that uniquely puts candidates first, we provides insights and tools unavailable anywhere else. Our hiring and job postings network saves employers money while providing a better candidate experience. Talent is pooled and shared across employers.

Our services cover the entire hiring process from searching, generating, recruitment and the first round of interviews. We reserve the second phase of interviews for you, so that you can get a more-depth feel of our hand-picked candidates.

Some of the industries that we have covered include:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Traditional Retail
  • Education Franchise
  • Hotel & Hospitality
  • Fitness, Health & Beauty
  • Grocery & Convenience
  • Sales & Administrative Agencies
  • Healthcare Franchise
  • Entertainment, Theme Parks & Gaming
  • Automotive Sales & Service

See how we help companies grow. Check out our benefits:

  • Your Dream Team– Our big-company benefits attract the talent you dream of.
  • Contain HR Costs- Our economies of scale, buyer power and transparency are to your advantage.
  • Lower Risks- Experience, expertise, policies & processes in all 50 states help safeguard your business.

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