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Your business accounts on social media are more than just informational profiles. Your social media accounts showcase your business, promote branding, have a customer service aspect and can be used as a shop for a retail-focused business. Even more, the look and feel of your business’ social media account certainly matters. Faceless has many free downloads for social media. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook a simple detail like the sizing of graphics on major social media profiles. A social media 2018 template is going to be your guide.

Visual Content rules the social media and digital landscape – from company promotions to memes, photos, and news updates. Faceless Marketing Firm is offering you a FREE download for a social media 2018 template to the sizes of major social media platforms (see below). Our professional graphic designers use our social media 2018 template for creating the branded Faceless content that you see on our social media platforms. Furthermore, having a proper social media setup can make a world of difference. Get your social media 2018 template today. With a proper setup on social media profiles, you can engage with your audience better as a result.

“For instance, Faceless Marketing changes the cover banner on Facebook at least once every month or around holidays.”

In 2018, social media usage has become a unique mix of multi-generation users.  As a result, Facebook and Youtube are the top-visited social media sites. 73% of adults are visiting Youtube and 68% of adults are visiting Facebook. Video has become a trending source of content on the internet, and many are using Youtube for video-sharing content. Furthermore, Youtube is used by roughly 75% of adults and 94% of adults in the 18-24 age bracket. There are even more brands and businesses on social media than ever before. Right now, your competitor is trying to attract the attention of a potential viewer or customer. Above all, by having a professional social media set up, you are already increasing your chances of success.


These social media 2018 templates include Image dimensions and file sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Youtube for 2018. Enter your email below and we will send you the FREE download for social media 2018 templates. As a result, Faceless Marketing wants to gift you with this FREE download so you can successfully launch your own brand or business on social media.



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