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Facebook has 1.5 billion daily active users, yet continued to outpace other social media channels. Choosing the right-quality can make or break your engagement.

Facebook Profile Image Template 180 x 180

Facebook Cover Template 820 x 312

Facebook Event Image Template 1920 x 1080

Facebook Shared Post Image Template 1200 x 630

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Google+ is still a niche social media account. However, it’s still an important place for companies to maintain a consistent presence. Google+ will help you if you are a small business looking to show up in searches. Make sure that if users stumble upon your profile, you have something to show other than radio silence. Remember that Google+ is connected to the search engine giant that is Google.

Google+ Cover Image Template 1080 x 608

Google+ Profile Image Template 250 x 250

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Believe it or not, Twitter is often the social network of choice for users to talk about you. Your customers ask questions, leave praise, and request help. But, the format and display have changed several times in the course of its history, so here are the image dimensions you need to know.

Twitter Header Template 1500 x 500

Twitter Profile Image Template 400 x 400

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Instagram is the bread and butter of visual content. You’ll want your presence on this channel to match that foundation, especially in terms of quality. And with more than 700 million daily active users, you’ll want to look your best.

Instagram Profile Image Template 110 x 110

Instagram Post Shared Image 1080 x 1080

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LinkedIn is the ultimate social channel for digital professional networking. It can still be a good tool for traffic and discovery, depending on the industry. If you’re using LinkedIn for recruiting purposes, it’s important to present yourself well on a job that several people use for research on job listings, as well as employer culture, location, and more.

LinkedIn Cover Image Template 1536 x 768

LinkedIn Profile Image Template 400 x 400

LinkedIn Header Image 1584 x 396

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There are many YouTube users on many different types of devices. Your channel cover image will vary in appearance across each one. Images at 2560 x 1440 will be optimized for TV screens, while desktop computers will display them at 2560 x 423. Mobile devices will display YouTube cover art at 1546 x 423, while tablets will display them at 1855 x 423.

YouTube Channel Icon Image 800 x 800

Youtube Channel Cover Image Template 2560 x 1440

Youtube Channel Thumbnail Image Template 1280 x 720