The undersigned reader acknowledges that the information provided by Faceless Marketing within any training is confidential; therefore the reader agrees not to disclose any of this information without the express written permission of Faceless Marketing.

It is acknowledged by the reader that the information furnished during any employment or contract work is in all respects confidential in nature, other than the information which is in the public domain or has been acquired through other means outside of the readers time with Faceless Marketing; and that any disclosure or use of this information for, but not limited to, similar products, services, practices, etc by the reader is prohibited and may cause harm or damage to Faceless Marketing.

Proprietary information that is shown, taught, and/or learned through experience within the company will not be shared with any individual, group, or business outside of Faceless Marketing. The individual signing this agreement also agrees that they will not embark on attempting to create a business that is in direct competition with Faceless Marketing for a time period of 2 years from the date they are no longer affiliated, involved, and/or employed by Faceless Marketing; unless otherwise stated by a Faceless Marketing Official in writing at the time of signing below, and to be included with this confidentiality agreement.