Car Magnets


Advertise Everywhere You Go

Ready to turn every drive into an opportunity? Whether you’re a real estate agent, restaurant owner or contractor, you can make an impression with our thicker, stronger car magnets. Rounded corners and a new, wind-tunnel tested substrate keep them firmly in place. And the matte finish and UV ink printing provide higher-quality, fade-resistant images.

Get more mileage out of your marketing with car magnets.

Product Highlights

  • Fade-resistant, wind-tested and durable
  • Easy to apply, remove and re-apply
  • 5 sizes for cars, trucks and vans

Make The Most Of Your Magnets

  • Turn personal vehicles into instant advertisements, every time you drive
  • Get seen more with a magnet on both sides – and maybe even the back
  • Clean your magnets quickly and easily with mild soap and a washcloth
  • Think about your car color, and make sure your magnet stands out
  • The less text you use, the bigger and more visible you can make it
  • Make your contact info big and bold, so people can see it quickly

Application Guide

  • First, clean your car surface with mild soap
  • Completely dry the spot where the magnet is going
  • Apply the magnet to an area with no bumps, curves or molding
  • To avoid car damage, clean and dry under the magnet daily
  • Remove the magnet for car washes, or if not in use

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