More to say? Customized brochures help you tell the whole story.

Our professionally designed brochures  can be customized to fit any brand or business. Brochures are an essential marketing tool for many companies. The information they contain helps readers make wise purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, too many companies get stuck trying to build their brochures in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Even if you have great content in your brochure, it won’t work well if your design doesn’t look professional.

Brochures are effective promotional tools that no business can afford to pass up. They’re versatile, flexible and affordable. With brochures you can create an outstanding marketing campaign for a limited budget. They can boost your market presence and they work well with other marketing mediums. It is commonly used by businesses to highlight a product, company or service. Brochures come in many folding styles: bi-fold, tri-fold, 4 panel folds and more. Choosing the right fold that compliments your product and brand is hard. The more folding options you have the better chances you have in finding the perfect fit.

Product Highlights

  • Folds and panels help organize and highlight information
  • Easy-to-design, 4-panel bi-folds
  • Professional-looking, 6-panel tri-folds
  • Super-scannable, 6-panel z-folds that fold out like an accordion
  • Thinner, flexible paper stock (standard) or thicker, more durable cover stock (premium)
  • Bi-fold, Tri-fold, Z-fold
  • Glossy paper, Matte paper, Uncoated paper, Recycled paper, Premium glossy cover/Premium matte cover


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