Reputation Management: Don’t Do What Kanye Did

To say that Kanye West is controversial is an understatement. The entire world is watching as he seemly destroys his image and reputation with each tweet or flaming statement. It’s hard to watch as a once adored and prominent figure has reached a new low. Kanye, Ye, or Yeezus has become a divisive and polarizing figure right along with Trump. Fortunately, there is a silver lining in all this. Kayne West can be viewed as a case study for brands and businesses in what NOT to do. Read on for our special article – Reputation Management: Don’t Do What Kanye Did.

Kanye West: A Case Study In PR and Reputation Management

Kayne has been in the spotlight for over 20 years. He has been venerated by many and denounced by others. Love him or hate him, Kanye is good at keeping the world busy discussing his every move. He’s made plenty of sharable Tweets over the years to many different antics. Additionally, his many antics have included releasing a celebrity-orgy themed music video or stating that “slavery was a choice” and followed by announcing that he is running for President of the United States.

However, over those 20 years, he has been a prolific artist holding 21 Grammys, a successful fashion label. So, you might be wondering, “Can Kanye West come back from this”? From a reputation management perspective, the answer might not always be simple.

Reputation Management: Don’t Do What Kanye Did

The truth is, Kayne West has made a series of poor decisions that have affected his reputation. There is no question that some of the things he’s said are statements that NO public figure or brand should repeat on their social media, in an interview, quote or any form of media.

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” — Benjamin Franklin

Steer Clear Of Hot-Button Topics ESPECIALLY If They Do Not Relate To Your Brand or Business

There is a time and a place for opinions. However, as a brand or business, you don’t always need to share every thought you have. One of the rare instances this works is if you’re a thought leader and the conversation relates to the market that you are in. Otherwise, there is no need to add your personal opinion on hot-button topics such as religion or politics. As evidenced by Kanye West, when you speak on controversial topics, the backlash tends to overshadow any of your past accomplishments.

His most recent appearance on the Alex Jones’ show on Dec 1 made headlines. Kayne West is quoted by saying “I see good things about Hitler” and praising Hitler. Despite all he has achieved, Kanye West sunk his credibility with just a few inflammatory statements.

Know The Facts Before You Speak

In the age of social media, everything that you say and do can be posted to the internet within a few seconds. When you make a statement before knowing all the facts, it can land you in hot water. You can avoid getting caught in a mess by not discussing something that you do not have the full picture on.

When public figures, celebrities and big brands make false claims, it is already picked up by multiple media outlets who are waiting to snatch up the latest gossip. The aftermath are tweets and articles trying to “call you out” on it. By the time you correct your statement and try to rectify the issue, several media outlets have already said their piece about your original claim.

Mind Your Ego

Everyone knows that Kanye is Kanye’s biggest fan. He even has a verse on a Beyoncé song bragging about his “big ego”. However, this is a double-edged sword: Kanye’s large ego has gotten him into hot water with critics, but it has also kept him in the spotlight. While this may have somewhat worked in Kanye’s favor for quite some time, it doesn’t mean that this strategy is for you to repeat.

No one likes a brand or company that comes off as cocky in any type of media. A company’s success is based on the willingness of your customers to buy into your brand. Always be gracious and thankful, and never come across as egotistical.

Social Media Is a Tool, Not A Journal

Kanye West has been known for using social media to air out all of his emotions, grievances, his inspirational thoughts or unconventional opinions. However, as a company, it is important that you remember that your social media is an extension and representation of your brand. You should always mind what you post – even on your personal accounts. Your social media represents your brand, and you want to paint an accurate picture.

Don’t Tear Others Down To Build Yourself Up

Even if the competition is stiff, no one likes a sore loser. If you find yourself intimidated or getting beaten out by the competition, don’t resort to slander. Kanye’s scathing comments towards Pete Davidson is a perfect example of him acting out as a “sore loser”.

Adidas’s Response to Kanye West

Even though the Yeezy Adidas line is estimated to bring in $1.8 billion in annual revenue, Adidas made the call to cut ties with Kanye West. Kanye might have thought he was untouchable, but Adidas recognized the impact of Kanye’s words and the impact that it would have on their own reputation.

Why Reputation Management Matters

Your reputation is one of your most important assets. A positive reputation will open up new opportunities. Businesses can’t afford to ignore conversations related to their reputation. There are also a few reasons why your business needs reputation management:

  • Helps Build and Maintain a Professional Image
  • Rank Higher in Search Engines
  • Gain Customer Trust
  • Improve Bottom Line

Success in business is influenced by different factors: the quality of services or products, efficient customer service, strong leadership, and effective marketing strategies. However, all of these factors may be influenced or ruined by one or more bad online reviews.

Managing your company’s reputation effectively requires the expertise of a reputation management firm. Review the company’s profile and performance before hiring them to ensure you are working with the best reputation management agency.

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