[inwave_heading title=”2020 Faceless Price Packages ” sub_title=”We offer pricing that can be customized based on your ROI needs and goals.” align=”center”][/inwave_heading]
[inwave_info_item title=”Customer | $1,500/month” icon=”fa fa-rocket”]

Includes Website Management and on-site SEO, Total Social Media Coverage, Complete Business Listing Management, Photo, Video, & Design Creation. In-depth brand videography production will be limited to once a quarter at this package level.

[inwave_info_item title=”Client | $2,500/month” icon=”fa fa-bar-chart”]

Includes Website Redesign & Management along with On-Site SEO, Total Social Media Management & Advertising, Complete Business Listing Management, Unlimited Photography, Monthly Video, & Unlimited Design Work.

[inwave_info_item title=”Partnership | $5,000/month” icon=”fa fa-star”]

Includes Website Redesign & Management, All-Encompassing SEO Campaigns, Total Social Media Management & Advertising, Google & Digital Advertising, Complete Business Listing Management, Unlimited Photography, Video, & Design Work.

[inwave_heading title=”WHY {FACELESS?} ” sub_title=”Digital Marketing Services” style=”style4″ align=”center”][/inwave_heading]

“Our success is solely dependent on the success of our relationship with our client, and the effectiveness we provide towards achieving their goals.”

This mission statement defines who we are and how we look at the work we complete for all of our clients. We genuinely feel like an extension of each of our clients and this will reflect in all aspects of our company culture.

We study & learn about your business and your target market. The Faceless team understands how to touch them on an emotional level that will drive them to an action towards your business. We begin by understanding the needs you are trying to solve before jumping into a solution.

Our clients have many needs from small to large. From fast turnaround printing jobs to digital marketing services to complete marketing campaigns. Similarly, to the way people perceive a business, to an increase in sales, to a product launch. Most importantly, we quickly determine and respond to our client’s objectives. The process involves taking the time to learn about our client, their business, their products and their target market. We develop preliminary ideas for our client to review, and then listen carefully, make any possible needed adjustments. Most importantly, when everyone agrees that things are “on track” we execute the plan of action.

With the growth of technology at the current advanced rate and the global business market linked together like never before, you can now complete just about every function needed in business without being “face-to-face” with the other person. Faceless Marketing has adapted to this “Flat World” thinking but without losing the importance of the client, their goals, and to maintain the highest level of customer service.

Think of your corporate identity as your strongest marketing element. If you can create a powerful identity – If your name and other marketing communications can begin to have maximum impact on prospective clientele – your company will engrave your image into the minds of your customers. Although your product or service may be identical in terms of quality and price, consumers will often attach themselves to a brand, not to an actual product. That’s not to play down the importance of offering a quality product or service, but if you neglect your corporate brand, you miss the opportunity to nurture the powerful bond and consumer trust it creates.

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Our Services

[inwave_heading title=”{OUR SERVICES}” style=”style5″] In short, Faceless Marketing is a full-service marketing firm. It has a large menu of individual services we provide – from digital marketing services to traditional marketing. We specialize in creating brand awareness and brand recognition for your firm while we increase revenues. [/inwave_heading][inwave_button button_text=”Get Your Quote Now” button_link=”https://faceless.marketing/quote-request/” style=”button3″ button_size=”button-large” class=”hire-us-button” button_color=”#dd3333″]
[inwave_info_item title=”GRAPHIC DESIGN” icon=”fa fa-pencil-square-o” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/printing-graphic-design/” style=”style5″]A collaborative process between a client, a designer, and producers of form to convey a specific message to a targeted audience.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Digital Printing” icon=”fa fa-tint” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/printing-graphic-design” style=”style5″]Large job? Small job? We deliver the best custom prints and large-format digital graphic solutions available anywhere.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Public Relations” icon=”fa fa-users” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/portfolio/public-relations/” style=”style5″]Overall, no medium works as good as public relations. It builds brands, heighten exposure, and enhance your company’s reputation.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”SEO” icon=”fa fa-search” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/portfolio/seo-search-engine-optimization/” style=”style5″]Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid search results also known as “organic”.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Direct Mail/ EDDM” icon=”fa fa-envelope-o” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/direct-mail-eddm/” style=”style5″]From direct from our facility to EDDM management we have your mailing solutions.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Viral Marketing” icon=”fa fa-thumbs-o-up” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/viral-marketing/” style=”style5″]We’ve got the answers to all your social media questions and an expert team to help you develop and execute your social media marketing campaigns.[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item title=”REPUTATION MGMT” icon=”fa fa-bar-chart” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/portfolio/public-relations/” style=”style5″]Do you know that 83% of online buyers will read reviews prior to making a purchase? How do your reviews look?[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Guerrilla Marketing” icon=”iwf-design” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/guerrilla-marketing/” style=”style5″]Guerrilla marketing is about investing time, energy, and (particularly) imagination into a campaign, instead of primarily money.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Digital Marketing” icon=”fa fa-play” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/portfolio/multimedia-production/” style=”style5″]A combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, or interactivity content forms to enhance your business needs in a digital world.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Large Format Printing” icon=”iwf-layerorderup” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/printing-graphic-design” style=”style5″]You’ll get a fast and effective way to earn the attention of onlookers at trade shows, conventions, presentations, and other events.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Multimedia” icon=”fa fa-play” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/portfolio/multimedia-production/” style=”style5″]A combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, or interactivity content forms to enhance your business needs in a digital world.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”BRAND DEV” icon=”fa fa-cogs” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/portfolio/company-branding/” style=”style5″]Your brand identity, marketing materials, and web presence should act as a beacon to attract consumers. We have helped shape the brands of companies both large and small.[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item title=”Traditional Marketing” icon=”iwf-design” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/marketing/” style=”style5″]For many companies, marketing campaigns are the main method for both communicating with their market to reinforce their positioning, and for customer acquisition.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Web & Mobile” icon=”iwf-html” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/portfolio/website-design-development/” style=”style5″]A web site is the most important component of your company’s marketing plan. It’s the central hub for your messaging efforts.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Strategy Consulting” icon=”iwf-domain” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/strategy-consulting/” style=”style5″]Good campaigns follow a theme and include a series of touches with the market.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Hosting & Email ” icon=”iwf-html” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/web-hosting/” style=”style5″]Your web hosting fee is the way that you pay “rent” to house your website on the internet, for example.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Domain Registration” icon=”iwf-html” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/domain-registrations/” style=”style5″]Find domain registration here. In short, Faceless Technologies has Hundreds of great new domains join .com, .net and .org[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Private Education” icon=”fa fa-graduation-cap” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/portfolio/private-education/” style=”style5″]Faceless provides private education classes for our clients. However Big or small, we have the capabilities to cover any class size.[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item title=”SMM” icon=”fa fa-thumbs-o-up” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/portfolio/smm-social-media-management/” style=”style5″]Above all, we’ve got the answers to all your social media questions and an expert team to help you develop your social media marketing campaigns.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Targeted Marketing” icon=”iwf-design” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/targeted-marketing/” style=”style5″]Target the right customers with the right message at the right time. As a result, you just might have a shot at engaging them. But, if you do it correctly, you won’t engage those who don’t care or agree with the message. And that’s ok.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”App Building ” icon=”iwf-html” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/app-building/” style=”style5″]Are you looking for a complete end-to-end or mobile app development solution?[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Lead Generation” icon=”fa fa-users” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/lead-generation/” style=”style5″]Additionally, Lead generation is very important for the growth of a business. The buying process has changed and marketers need to rethink and refocus their efforts in order to stay relevant.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”PPC” icon=”fa fa-bar-chart” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/ppc/” style=”style5″](PPC) Pay-per-click campaigns are often added so to enhance a search engine optimization campaign.[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”Email Campaigns” icon=”fa fa-envelope-o” icon_size=”56″ link=”https://faceless.marketing/portfolio/email-or-drip-campaigns/” style=”style5″]When implemented correctly, a strategic Email Marketing or Drip Campaigns initiative will expand your sales conversation to a broader audience while building loyalty with your existing client base.[/inwave_info_item]
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[inwave_info_item title=”2″ icon_size=”190″ style=”style4″ img=”3598″]Consultation[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item title=”3″ icon_size=”190″ style=”style4″ img=”3599″]Implementation[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item title=”4″ icon_size=”190″ style=”style4″ img=”3600″]Success[/inwave_info_item]
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